Joy Pierce Identified as Bruce Beresford-Redman Mistress

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Bruce Beresford-Redman has been released from the custody of Mexican authorities - but the former television producer is still considered the prime suspect in the recent death of his wife, Monica.

Last week, Monica's body was discovered in a sewer near the hotel where Bruce and her had been vacationing in Cancun. Witnesses had spotted the pair arguing a couple nights earlier, and Bruce was found with scratch marks on his neck.

Soon after thie grisly case came to light, Monica's sister (Carla Burgos) went on record with this bombshell: Bruce had been having an affair.

Now, Radar Online reports the identity of this mistress to be Joy Pierce.

Pictured: Bruce Beresford-Redman and his late wife, Monica. The former is a person of interest in the latter's death.

Pierce and Beresford-Redman first worked together in 2005 on The Contender. They also collaborated on a USA network show, titled Crash Course, last year. Their affair ended just months ago, sources told Radar.

“That’s why they went to Mexico - because she decided she wanted to try and reconcile the marriage and she believed he was done with the other woman,” Burgos said. “He told her, ‘I love you, I want to be with you.’ Monica really believed Bruce didn’t want to be with the other woman.”

Pierce has not been reached for comment.


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The redman murder: I don't understand why a man cannot have a mistress? So what? The wives get all pushed out of shape and start violent fights with the husbands. If Monica Redman has just
kept quiet and shut up about the mistress, the husband probably
would have come back to his family. And if he doesn't come back,,
so what !! Let him go, it means he doesn't love you. Get a divorce
and child support and move on. But getting into a violent fight
with the man, keeping
his children away from him , taking his money, only causes the man to get into a murderous rage. Monica Redman was stupid.


About the sad murder of Monica Redman. This is a tragedy all around. This should be a warning & lesson to all women: whatever
the husband is doing that you don't like, don"t ever get into an argument with him, especially a physical fight. Women can not win
in a physical fight with a man...the woman could get killed. I as a woman, would rather my husband have a mistress than I get
(and never see my kids again,) trying to fight him about it.


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Monica was one of the best hearts I know in the whole world! She loved life and was so proud to be a mom. She should have kicked his ass since the beginning. No one would ever imagine he would be capable of such cold crime... I hope he dies in jail and burn in hell. God have mercy and protect the kids from that monster and his family.


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