Happy Birthday, Jon Gosselin!

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It's hard to believe that at this time last year, few people knew Jon Gosselin as anything more than the father on Jon & Kate Plus 8, if they knew him at all.

Now he is a world-renowned douchebag.

Ever since his marriage to Kate Gosselin imploded last spring and summer, with celebrity gossip tabloids covering every more, Jon has become a sensation.

At squiring mediocre girls, if nothing else.

In any case, Jon turns 33 years old today. Which is more like 53 in his case, given all the drinking, smoking and being married to Kate for nearly a decade.

Happy birthday to the unemployed bum!

Fat and Disgusting

Jon Gosselin: Very bad for you. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

Since his widely-publicized split from Kate, Jon has gone on to sleep with Deanna Hummel, Hailey Glassman, Stephanie Santoro, Kate Major and Morgan Christie.

Quite a rebound year he had. He's also been sued by TLC for violating his non-compete clause, and has been virtually banned from being a celebrity. Point, TLC!

Where will he turn up next? Besides the bed of some desperate 22-year-old college girl? No one knows, but we can't wait to find out, and we'll be watching him.

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If kHate doesn't watch out...
JON can just walk away and leave Her to do all of the raising!
She would be crying for 15 years! lolololol! JON can go make another family and be the great Husband and Daddy he was all over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




And we need to know it is his birthday because...........??????????


Romeo has a devil may care attitude, and no scruples.There was a time that a person had to look like somebody and at least have something going for themselves in order to get the attention that this sponge seems to soak up.


Ew really did you have to wish this loser a happy b-day? Why would you want to acknowledge the douchbag?


he needs to go on a diet and quit smoking


Happy Birthday Jon!
Best b-day gift---away from the wicked witch KHATE!

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