THG Caption Contest: March 25

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Welcome, readers, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, where you all try to think and post the funniest caption(s) for the celebrity photo below!

Today's subject? Golfing / adultery / sexting legend Tiger Woods. What could he be saying / doing here? What would make a great caption? You tell us!

Just click "Comments" and send in your caption(s) - as many as you desire. We will announce your winner and honorable mentions Monday. Best of luck ...

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I'm so totally fu**ed if anymore gossip hits the airwaves!!


look, don't pee on me again!


No Hillary, I know I'm hot but you like girls remember!!!


You are one hell of a "Player" and I see you really get into your sport!


It wasn't my 18th Whore yet! ... and already they're making fun of me ... Mom, make em stop!


Hold still son! .... Let me stop your head from spinning! That was a lot of MONEY you shelled OUT!


"I think my ball is in your grass?"


"Im ready to tee off into your hole!"


tiger woods always thinking with his second head HE IS A TWO HEADED MONSTER


Tiger: Hey mom wanna be my next mistress. You know how much I and U hate Elin.
Mom: Bring it on Tg. Ive not had it for years now.