Nicole Richie and Joel Madden: Engaged!

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Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, who have been together for several years and are already the parents of two adorable children, are getting married.

Richie made the announcement Monday night on The Late Show. Madden followed it up with a confirmation Tweet: "Yep. i'm engaged. Very happy."

Sums it all up right there. He adds: "Yeah we've been engaged for a while so your all kind of late on that. But Thanks for the hooplah all the same."

A source tells Us Weekly of the pair: "Nicole and Joel are in the process of planning the wedding. She's very involved in every detail. She’s thrilled."

The couple is expected to marry (for real this time) in the summer.

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Nicole Richie and Joel Madden last year. [Photo:]

Richie and Madden started dating all the way back in December 2006 and have two children together: daughter Harlow, 2, and son Sparrow, five months.

"For us, we are going to do it because we want to," said Richie last year of tying the knot on her own time. "We're going to do it when the time's right."

Looks like that time is now.

These two have been a nice, relatively normal couple and cute family for so long, but it's great to see they are making it official. Congrats Nicole and Joel!

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i care because she stole my man but at least he's happy i didn't like him with hillay duff


Nicole,you've made Brenda and Lionel grandparents,now it is time to make them in-laws.With two children, you and Joel are still together,welcome him into the family for real. Evidently he has the keys to your heart,whether at City Hall, or a walk down the aisle,make it official.He appears to be a keeper.Time to throw the rice!!!!


I care, you know why? Because these two have two beautiful kids together and they seem to be heading in the right direction. Yes, both of them peaked already with Good Charlotte and Simple Life, but they are both heavy in charity work. These two are a good example of what a young Hollywood family should be like.


Does anyone really care? No offense but Good Charlotte never was good and neither of these two have been relevant since 2002.

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