Mischa Barton Just Wants to Get High, Man

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The Beautiful Life? Hardly.

Mischa Barton, whose career has fallen on some hard times of late, was spotted driving erratically around town for hours yesterday, talking on her cell phone.

On one occasion, the actress, who was recently sued for unpaid rent by her NYC landlord, was seen making an obscene hand gesture to a fellow motorist.

Mischa then pulled over to smoke weed before heading into Joan's on Third for a late lunch with a mystery male friend (probably some D-list alt-rocker).

According to reports, she proceeded to drive her huge convertible straight into a red curb, resulting in her having to back out in the middle of the street.

Hey, a troubled star needs that release ...

Gettin' High

Mischa Barton enjoys the sweet taste and smell of cheeba. In broad daylight. Maybe that's just a hand-rolled cigarette ... [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

After her DUI arrest in December 2007, Barton said she never wanted to do something so stupid again. With the exception of dressing like a hooker, she made good.

For about 26 months at least. Note to Mischa: Marijuana and/or tobacco do not count as essential vitamins and minerals. Eat. Sleep. Get healthy and you might see 30.


Whatever Ms.Barton was smoking,I am quite sure that she had a prescription, and it was strictly for "medicinal"purposes.Let all wish her well!!!


One more thing it does is it makes you more stupid-dulls your mind, but it's probably better than alcohol


agreed!!!! lol
finally someone eals i was gonna say that to. even if she is smokeing...whoo cares lol


There isn't anything wrong with enjoying a smoke now and again. As a matter of fact, she should smoke more, get the munchies and finally eat and rest. Like Kat Williams said, all weed does is 3 things: make you Hungry, Sleepy, Happy! I hope weed gets decriminialized in my lifetime...so I can toke in my old age :)


so you dont know if it is weed or not. it could be a rolled cig. lol you guys always call out magz that have made up stories and stuff but here you guys are just guessing that it must be weed. way to make someone look bad. and i think if she does smoke weed would she be stupid enough to drive around doing it where eveyone can see her?


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