Lindsay Lohan Makes Like... Jesus Christ?

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On one hand, Lindsay Lohan posing like Jesus Christ is sacrilegious and appalling.

On the other, it's understandable. After all, think of how many times this unemployed actress has heard her name associated with the son of God:

What a Waif

Jesus Christ, Lindsay Lohan is insane!

Jesus Christ, Lindsay Lohan is thin!

Jesus Christ, Lindsay Lohan is desperate for attention!

Can you really blame the train wreck, therefore, for making like this figure on the cover of French fashion magazine Purple? Check it out:

Lindsay Lohan as Jesus: Insulting or accurate?

This cover shot comes on the heels of Lindsay throwing a drink in ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson's face, but that incident makes more sense now.

She likely thought it was holy water.


Like Jesus Christ?! Maybe like Lindsay O'Lohan Regina Ivdæorvm (LOLRI) !


Questions: Why do so-called Christians think that they have a monopoly on this particular pose ?
Is it not a bit silly[neurotic?]to be so reactive to such a little thing as this picture of an entertainer with out-strerched arms ?
Will Frozenade also pray for directions/instructions for the SPELCHECK function on her toolbar ? I'm more concerned about the illiteracy of the American public than a flashy photo of an entertainer entertaining - with her clothes on too.
Self-professed "Christians" who have the time to waste on this kind of low-brow stuff are, IMHO, tragic figures grasping at straws.
My advice - get a life - and use it well while you have it.


Not a good idea for her to use Jesus as a cheap way to get attention


Lindsay... Lindsay... How poor are you. You was a cute and innocent child. I love your "PARRENT TRAP (1998)". Now you are a wild and uncontrolled girl. Jesus is holly, compared with nothing. And you are nothing. Let's pray for her.


Come on Good People, Leave "Blondie" alone, Look at that halo, She's "truly" just an "Angel" in disguise!!


i agree no way to compare this low class sinner to the man who died for our sins so we can be forgiven and so she can be forgiven for the stupid mistakes shes done so lindsay lohan stop trying to get attention we really need to pray for her


Sorry, got ahead of myself lol. Meant to say there is no way you can compare her to the man......


I guess I'd have to say it's insulting because there is no way you can come HER to the man who died for our sins. What has she done that would even compare to Jesus??? She's odd.


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