Katherine Jackson on Conrad Murray: He's a Monster

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Not long after Dr. Conrady Murray was charged with involuntary manslaughter today, those close to Michaej Jackson - whose death the physician is suspected to have been responsible for - reacted in outrage.

"He's a monster," said MJ's mother, Katherine (pictured), after the arraignment.

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Brian Oxman, the family's veteran lawyer for Jackson's father Joseph, was equally disgusted with the judge's decision.

"This charge is a slap on the wrist," he said. "There's great disappointment here. [Conrad Murray] should've been charged with a higher degree of responsibility. What he did was reckless. It was a disregard for human life."

Michael's sister Latoya also chimed in, putting everything in a disturbing context:

“Michael was murdered and although he died at the hands of Dr. Conrad Murray, I believe Dr. Murray was a part of a much larger plan. There are other individuals involved and I will not rest and I will continue to fight until all of the proper individuals are brought forth and justice is served."

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Jay and Fred are sick, racist, and ignorant. You want to believe the worst about Michael and you want other to believe the same. You obviously don't know anything about him or you wouldn't be saying such vulgar, hurtful things. It's people like you that make this world such an evil place. Why don't you do what Evan Chandler did and make this world a better place.


the fact is now the children are emotionally trapped in what they have experienced so we need to give our support to their grandmother in looking after them .whats done is done do not dwell in the past dwell in the future.love never fails thats what the kids need most of all.a message to the family you can only move forward the doctor will have to live with his guilt weather he likes it or not he will be accountable,its how you deal with your pain now to lash out or to put it into positive energy centered around building your lives with reminders of him in his children working on that...good luck ....


also 2 kathi u sond lyk dat bible thumping hipokrit miss america hears a book 4 u exodus check out da part where moses slaughters canninite women & children cant wait 4 da ratioalization lose da bible git spiritual


and oj didnt do nothin wrong man i dont care if dat creep gave his eyes 2 charity his inter actions w yung boys was way inapropriate at best just another sad example of sad state of affairs on this rock you creeps should be locked up 4 blind complicity bet yuor against gay marriage 2 holyer than thou head up your ass sheep death 2 any 1 day hurts children strait gay black wyte medical monsters espcially that said good nyt 2 every 1 else


This time Latoya isn't just "blabbering" her mouth off. Teddy Riley who worked with MJ on some of his albums (the last one was Invincible) told Latoya that MJ told him several times he KNEW there was a conspiracy going on to harm him since the 2001 Mottola/Sony brawl. MJ knew they were out to get him. He even mentioned some names to Teddy Riley and Teddy told Latoya. He also informed the LAPD about what MJ told him. But knowing the "slack" way the LAPD does investigations in general there is no hope they will get to the bottom of this. I just dont trust any of the California Police departments or the DA for that matter. Look what they did to MJ in 1993 and 2003/2005. They ransacked his home, humilated him and still found nothing to incriminate him. They messed up his life so he had to run away from his home, his dream. I'm sure they'll ALL get what's coming to them, SOMEDAY!!


boy some of you people are complete morons. it was not a fair choice. murray should of got life with out parole . i dont care how old a man is so what if he was 50. dont you idiots know anything. he had a circle of people that were keeping him druged up so much so he couldnt hardly move. then murray moves in for the kill. look michael was a great man both inside an out he didnt deserve what he got. i know if mj was my family i wouldnt rest til murray an everyone who was involved was punished so please people get a clue before you comment


@Anon....And the autopsy report shows what we knew already. MJ did not harm that Chandler kid. He said MJ was circumsized, but the report says MJ WAS NOT.Some tabloid media still try to twist around the truth at the time and other put it in ver small print.Evan Chandler knew this would come out so he decided to blow his brains out. I know I shouldn't be saying this but I hope his son follows his father's example. He knew he was lying that's why he refused to testify and they dropped the charges after they got the $$$ of the civil suit. Jordy ran away in 2005 instead of coming to testify. I know one thing, Jordy can keep running, but he can't run away from GOD.
The truth has prevailed.


i am a private dective i personally know there is more people involved in michael jacksons death a foster carer and department of child safety officers in australia are behind michael's death as they know that 4 children that they are michael's biological children


Go nic !!!!!! You took the words out of my mouth dr Murray has a responisibility Michael put his life in this mans hands and not having the proper equiptment there in case of an emergency is just beyonds words. If I was La Toya I wouldn't rest either. To many suspious circumstances. Love you always michael


Mrs. Katherine Jackson is in pain.A mother should not lose her child under these cruel circumstances.Mrs. Jackson is eighty years
old,a devoutly religious woman and she is hurting.There is no time
factor on grief. We all grieve in different ways, and she is still
feeling the pain from all of this, which shows no end in sight.On the outside, Mrs.Jackson appears to be holding on,but none of us know how well she is coping on the inside.I know that we all have our opionions,hopefully the positive ones will bypass the negative

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