Conrad Murray: Charged with Involuntary Manslaughter, Pleads Not Guilty

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In a follow-up to a story we posted earlier today, Conrad Murray has been officially charged with involuntary manslaughter and has entered a plea of not guilty.

The documents were filed in court today by the Los Angeles District Attorney, who alleges Murray “did unlawfully, and without malice, kill Michael Joseph Jackson." Those are haunting words just to read, aren't they?

Meanwhile, the county coroner released his official findings at the hearing and there's no doubt about it: a lethal dosage of Propofol killed the singer. Eleven vials of the drug were found in Jackson's home, and none of had prescription directions, patient or doctor names.

Murray, MJ

According to the coroner's report, obtained by TMZ, homicide is cited as the cause of death because...

  1. The setting of Jackson's bedroom (e.g.  a chair alongside the bed) indicate the drugs were not self-administered.
  2. Propofol was injected in a non-hospital setting, without any appropriate medical indication.
  3. Suggested equipment for patient monitoring, precision dosing and resuscitation were not present.

After the DA originally asked for bail to be set at $300,000, the judge set it at $75,000. He forced Murray to hand over his passport and decreed that the doctor cannot be in possession of, or prescribe, anesthetics.

If Murray is found guilty, he'll face a maximum of four years in prison.

Even if he's acquitted of these criminal charges, the family can sue Murray for millions, according to Bill Newkirk, a lawyer who specializes inmedical malpractice.

"This is absolutely a slam-dunk malpractice case simply because of the alleged use of propofol. If the drug was indeed in his system, no competent doctor could justify why it was used. You can bet the Jackson family will be filing a civil claim soon against any doctors implicated in Jackson's medical care."


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Dr.Conrad Murray must've purposly killed Michael Jackson by giving him those pills and Conrad Murray knew that pills weren't good for Michael Jackson and he should not have gave him those pills. I think what Conrad Murray did was much more than manslaugther, to me, it was murder and to me, he should get more than four years.


There has got to come to the time when we all realize Conrad Murray may have started off being a doctor,but ended up being a "Mad Scientist".To better help ourselves to cope,know that Michael was given one of the largest send off ever.When a person leave us and be recognized as Michael has been it softens our heart to be reminded that he was a "rare gem",truly missed and with the indications of the above mentioned comments still very much with us.


I am a big Micheal fan, so sad, we lost a great man and entertainer. The thing is, where would Micheal lay the blame? I bet he would accept some of it. Doc Murray swore an oath to save lives he should definately lose his license forever, be charged with manslaughter and yes recieve jail time. Will he be an example for other medical people that have not been caught suppling VIP's with perscriptions medications? Hopefully yes, because it goes on all the time, they have the money and they can buy whatever they choose(most times). The loss of Micheal rips a hole in my heart, but as a fan you know and I know the Doc never forced it into him. It took two, one to ask for it and one to administer it. One Tragic Death and two pople at fault. Micheal I will miss you. Thankyou for the music that I will always be able to enjoy. God bless your Family Micheal, and I know heaven is now enjoying the music we Loved on earth.


JUSTICE for Michael is all we want!!!!!


I am with the Jackson family one hundred percent, this charge isn't enough. If found guilty Murray could only face four years, if any. Not right. I will keep telling the family to keep fighting for justice for Michael. And the family should bring a civil suit against Murray so he can't profit off of killing Michael.


This is so sad and I am so angry! He was only 50 and had so many years ahead of him. This doctor should have known better! Four years in prison? Put him away for life!


Clothes do not make the man, but many a "law $uit" has made the attorney.No ambulance cha$ing here, a civil $uit i$ on the way.
$tay tuned$

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