Dear Adam Lambert Fans: Chill Out!

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Earlier today, we posted an article with the headline "Adam Lambert Rips Into Susan Boyle." *

Did we aim to capture the attention of readers with it? Of course. Did we then explain the situation - in which Lambert referred to Boyle's album as "terrible," laughed about her single "Wild Horses" and then said he was misquoted, while not providing his real quote - in great detail? Yes.

Did Lambert fans seem to care about the latter point? Not one bit.

The instant they saw one negative word written about Adam, his supporters went off. They told us we were being unfairly critical of the singer; that he was entitled to his opinion; that we were fueling the hate against him.

(* Through a debate with Lambert fans that we greatly appreciate, we changed this headline because we now agree it was unnecessarily inflammatory.)

Because we now feel as though we've been unfairly criticized, especially in light of the positive Lambert articles we've written for months, allow us to respond to each of these points:

  • Adam is a mega celebrity. Every word he utters will be scrutinized. As such, he should have realized that his labeling of Boyle's album as "terrible" would result in the stir it's created. We simply pointed that out.
  • Of course Lambert is entitled to his opinion. And we're entitled to respond to it with ours. This is the basis for all celebrity gossip sites, television reviews, movie reviews and pretty much every editorial ever written.
  • Aside from those that simply don't have a taste for his music, people hate Adam Lambert for one reason: he is a proud, gay man. These critics are homophobes. We will never cater to them, we will only pity them and nothing we say will ever change their minds.

While we admire Lambert's fans for their enthusiasm and dedication, we sometimes feel as though they treat Adam like he's a child in need of their immediate, undying defense.

Lambert would be the first to tell them thank you... but calm down. He's not a saint. He's just a regular person. That's really Adam's main appeal: he's a normal guy that is open to discussing his sexuality and appreciates the opportunity he's been given.

But he may say a dumb thing or two. He may release a single we dislike. When that happens, we're gonna call Adam out on it. Are readers entitled to get mad at us for it? Absolutely.

We just fear they're defending Adam, almost coddling him, in a way he wouldn't appreciate. He's never asked for any special treatment. We're sure he wants nothing more than to be analyzed and written about like any artist out there.

This may result in some people hating him, and that's okay. It also may result in some of his biggest followers - like the THG staff - taking issue with a few of his decisions. Not only do we think this is also okay, we think it's exactly what Adam would want.


You want to know why we defend Adam so passionately? Just scroll down to your comment section and you'll see. With every adoring fan declaring their love, there'll also be a hater spewing their hatred. These are people who know next to nothing about Adam, but will dislike him simply because he's gay and different. They hide behind their religion and their self-indulgent "morality" and spew venom towards someone who will never say a single negative word in return. That's the kind of person Adam is. He responds to hatred and discrimination with tolerance and understanding...and sometimes it drives me nuts! If only he'd stand up for himself more and scream back at them or something. But he doesn't do that. Adam always takes the high ground. So in response, we must act as a shield for him. Our ardent, adoring defense of him is to show Adam (and fellow glamberts) that the love and adoration outweigh the hatred and censorship. If at times we seem over-zealous, it is because we must be.


BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! is all i hear... adam is the best fukk all the rest! :)


nah... i think we already chilled out a lot since the AMA. yes we are a lil bit protective sometimes, but look at how much hate he get!
i mean he is a nice guy, very sweet and sincere, sometimes honest to a fault as he said. so far almost everybody who talked 2 him personally couldn't help to like him.
before you tell us fans to chill out, could you pls also tell the haters to chill out and leave this guy alone if you are not into his music!??


Wicked glitter... You're a joke. Suck my rod! Get a life! Adam is a homo loser. What a queer.


Defending Adam is defending us by the intolerence , homophobie , haters .Adam is a human being , honnest , supertalented and did worked hard to achive these skills to perform . He made a mistake , all does , but we don't return in the middle eve . We must to think who's the next if don't defend him , and children are more tollerant coz of the internet .Adam comitted no crime just did a mistake , sound known? I.m a mother of 3 children , all adults , and in my country people dies in 1989 for the human rights , i want to no seeing that again.


@jezz, your comments about Adam were so nice to read. It is just so unbelievable that so much hate, and ignorance still exists in this world, especially in the U.S. I always knew it existed, but never realized the extent of it until I became a fan of Adams. Just on this site alone you can see the disgusting, evil, comments directed at me for saying positive things about Adam. These narrow-minded people refuse to let Adam's 'Ama' performance go because they are looking for a reason to hate. Their comments are sick, twisted, and littered with explicit sexual references. I would be more upset if my children read those comments then them seeing Adam's performance.


OOPS, I meant to say Australia. I hope he is having fun there. They seem to really love him already, but what normal person could resist?


Adam just did an amazing performance on Ausralia's version of 'So You Think You Can Dance'. He sang 'Sleepwalker', a fantastic song from his CD. I love being Adam's fan because he is so exciting, and honest. Plus he is a very strong individual, who keeps going despite the pressures of stardom. Adam isn't weak, or whiny. Its true he is able to take care of himself, but it is also true that he will never have to do it alone. Someone as kindhearted, generous, and sweet as Adam deserves to have family, friends, and yes, even fans stickup for him.


Ok I hear ya! Love Adam. He doesn't like over zealousness either.


How dare you say such nasty things about a REAL Talent, Susan Boyle. I wouldn't pay a dime for your CDs or to see you in person. I think you're a freak!!!!


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