Coming Soon to VH1: Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business

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Ray J is famous for having slept with Kim Kardashian on tape.

Brandy is famous for having starred in a mediocre sitcom and accidentally killed someone with her car.

Together, along with their parents, these aspiring celebrities will appear on VH1's next Apocalyptic reality show, Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business.

According to the network press release:

"Viewers will get a first hand glimpse into the lives of the Norwood family unit and their family business – Rn’B Productions.  Run by Sonja, Rn’B Productions features an impressive roster of musical artists including Brandy, Ray J and their father Willie, who also serves as the company’s vocal coach.

"But with Sonja ready to take a step down, Brandy and Ray J will have to fill her shoes quickly all the while taking the family business to the next level."

It's unclear if Mz. Berry, the winner of For the Love of Ray J 2, will be featured on the series. Our guess? No.

Our disappointment? Severe.

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Brandy is the real artist in this family. Ray J is just a spoiled wanna be who is backed by your self centered cold hearted Bitch of a mother. She is so wrong and dosen't have the balls to admit it. That dumb ass mother of yours is a nasty ugly mother and she thinks Ray does nothing wrong and he is just an ass. What is he even known for? Your Dad is great and you should listen to him and never mind that mean ugly woman who says she doesn't favor Ray. Tell her to open up her eyes and watch the show as it airs, then maybe she'll see not only what you and Dad see but the whole world sees. A cold bitch who favors her son because she is so jealous of your beauty and talent.


Brandy is a very talented girl (for those, of you , who don't know). Her sitcom was not mediocre, fact...very successful for 4-5 years. She's also a very successful R & B singer. She actually has talent in the singing department. I'm glad she's trying to make a comeback and wish her luck. Her brother, on the other hand, is someone only a mother could love. He's talentless I don't see why he's become so marketable now a days.


Actually, Brandy had a successful sitcom, and a Major Music career.


i hope you for the best, and i hope that you7 and miss berry is still together


hi ray j i think that you should stay with mis berry because she the one for you don't do nothing to mest that up.ok love her for who she is


SO unfair Mz Berry so at least appear on it if ray j wants to start a new life with her


Hey we all have to find a way to make money, I commend anyone whose doing their thing


I guess it was just a matter of time;(


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...someone tell ray-j to go back to doucheville, he make me sick

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