Baby Weight Debate: Kourtney Kardashian Reveals Tummy, Kris Jenner Sets Horrible Example

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We don't ever often give the Kardashians credit, but Kourtney Kardashian set a good example for women last month. Of course, mother Kris than came along and ruined it.

Here's what went down:

Following an OK! Weekly cover story that teased an "exclusive" with Kourtney and focused on her post-pregnancy diet secrets, the new mother called out the tabloid for photoshopping her picture and exaggerating her recent weight loss. In essence, Kourtney was confidently saying: I didn't lose all my baby weight yet - and that's okay.

What a refreshing attitude.

In the latest issue of Life & Style, meanwhile, Kardashian continues this trend and says: "It's been hard to find time to work out. All I want to do is spend time with Mason.... Losing the weight has been a lot harder than I thought."

Again, isn't it nice to hear a celebrity not act as though the most important thing in life is to shed as much weight as possible, especially when provided with such an understandable, beautiful excuse as a newborn?

This makes it even more galling that mother Kris Jenner said in the same Life & Style article:

"Kourtney's going to be just fine. She's going to start QuickTrim. She'll be sexy Kourtney again in five minutes."

And if she's not, Kris? Will you disown her for missing out on an opportunity to shill for such an unhealthy weight loss product?

When it comes to her first grandchild, you'd think Jenner could go a week without shamelessly plugging a product. Then again, we're not sure why you'd think that. This is the Kardashian family, after all.


How many of you actually watch this show during prime time? I only tune in if I can't sleep in the middle of the night. I fall asleep right away every time.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Kris Jenner is a "wanna be". Her only claim to fame is Bruce Jenner. No one ever knew or paid attention to her, or her dead husband. Even seeing the "family videos", brings no recollection of HIM, or "THEM". HE wasn't, And SHE wasn't a celebrity, until she hooked up with Bruce Jenner! Why do peeps tune into their show? Well, there's nothing else on at 3am..... Better to watch a family of big egos, attitudes and even bigger ass's than watch infomercials at 3am. Atleast we can LAUGH at the these "Jenner hanger on-ers"....sheesh!


I agree. Kris Jenner seems like such an opportunist. So money hungry! She kisses Reggie and Lamar's asses because they are rich and famous. I used to like her, but she seems so fake lately. Khloe seems to be following in her footsteps. OYE!!!
Ps, yeah famous athletes like Tiger Woods, OJ SCUM BAG SIMPSON, MAGIC Johnson - I mean these are great examples of what fame do to a person - YUCK!!!!!


This show is so stupid. If it weren't for their dead dads rep as being one of that idiot Simpson's lawyers nobody would know who these bozos are! The leader Kim would still be working for other so-called celebs, fixing their bedrooms! I guess she is good at fixing bedrooms! The mother is such a pimp! She will do anything to get her name or kids names on the news or in the papers. Such scums. All of them act as if they really work. Everything they have is because of their dead dad. The stepfather even gets in on the act. Bruce was good in his field years ago, but hasn't really done anything since except speaking events because of his name. It would be so nice to not hear about these people anymore. The mom should be happy she has a healthy grandson and not try to sell the kid on products she pushes. All of these reality shows should go away just like they came...quickly!!


I am so sick of Kris Kardashian. If I acted like that, my kids would disown me. She is obnoxious and a buttinski.Can't you do anything to eliminate her from the show. Everyone I know feels the same way. She is a money hungry Bitch, who has to be every were there is a camera. Just call her " grandma" and watch her roar. She always wants the limelight when the girls deserve it. When she showed Kloe the 11 room bedroom house and then asked her husband if he would like to move, that shows you how much she wants out of life.


Always consider the source!! You can't blame the sisters too much for their attitudes. They were shaped by their mommy. Hopefully they will branch out and become their own people and I agree with Kerr Bear, there is a real life newborn child here, that is more important than a roll of fat. Besides, she's young and within a year's time, the weight will be gone. Big deal.


Good for you KK!! Take your time and enjoy all the 'firsts' with your little man. Every one of them is a milestone to be treasured.

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