Adam Lambert Describes Personal Style as "Glam, Chic, Playful"

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A day after an Internet uproar was created over Adam Lambert's critique of Susan Boyle, we know how badly fans of the singer want the spotlight to shift away from this topic.

Trust us: we really know. We've been engaging in a lively debate with supporters over their occasionally intense reaction to negative talk about Adam.

But as fellow fans of the talented crooner, we agree: let's move on. Let's make sure Lambert is NOT misquoted when it comes to his personal sense of style.

With that in mind, we've posted an extensive interview with Adam below. In it, he chooses three words to describe his fashion taste; dishes on the outfits he wore on American Idol and in music videos; and comes across as the well-spoken star millions and millions admire.

[video url="" title="Fashion Dish"][/video]

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You Adam bashers are a tad um pathetic would describe you well.Most of you don't even have a good reason for not liking him!being gay isn't a reason,it's homophobic and stupid.And you need to get over the AMAs already!!!!it's been something like 4mnths.


@Hilton hater, you make no sense. It appears there are more people who hate Adam than like him. You offer nothing, so get lost!!!!


J'adore ses yeux:) si jolie:)




i absolutle love him!!! his eyes are beautiful!!


For real tho, this is a gossip site where people get to express their opinion. It's not just for u Adam lover losers! We don't like Adam because there is something wrong with the whole package. Were tired of seeing him dressed in drag, and his sick show on te AMAs shows he has mo restraint on his homo-boy-lover attack fits. He's a freak, and WONT become a super star you brown-nosing queer!


I don't know why, but I can't stand this guy.


You are one more gossip site that I no longer consider credible. I suppose gossip is the key word - not news or factual reporting.


Thank you for a great article. Loved the interview you chose. Very upbeat and truthful.


I do not believe Adam reacted like that about Susan's album. It is only shady sites that are reporting this non-sense.