Jayson Williams Drove Drunk Into Oncoming Traffic, Will Be Arraigned From Hospital

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Drunk former NBA star Jayson Williams drove across four lanes of oncoming traffic before smashing his Mercedes into a tree after hitting the bars this week.

This according to a witness whose testimony is being used in court against the ex-Net, who was already facing a retrial of a 2002 manslaughter charge.

Guess you can tack a DUI onto his court docket.

Police are accusing Jayson Williams of two counts of drunk driving for his Tuesday morning car crash, which left him in the hospital with a fractured neck.

Williams will be arraigned from bed later today.

The unnamed witness told cops he or she saw Williams get into his black 2007 Mercedes and operate his large SUV "in an unsteady and abrupt manner."

Moreover, "the vehicle crossed four lanes of oncoming traffic and crashed into a tree on the sidewalk." Tiger Woods and a few others can probably relate.

The officer who first responded to the crash saw Williams "bleeding from his face and the that [Williams] had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath."

While he was found in the passenger seat and allegedly said he wasn't driving, witnesses say he was the only one in the car and definitely was driving.

Between this and the suspension of Gilbert Arenas for packing heat in the locker room, the NBA has had better weeks as far as PR goes.

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