Audrina Patridge Steps Out with New Boyfriend?

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Audrina Patridge and what would appear to be a new boyfriend arrived at club Voyeur for an evening out last night. We actually don't know who he is.

Since finally splitting from that unclean douchebag Justin-Bobby from The Hills, Audzo has dated Tal Cooperman and Corey Bohan for brief periods.

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She's also been linked to Chris Pine and most recently, Glee cast member Mark Salling. This fella doesn't appear to be Mark, however. Who is he?!

This isn't a trivia question, we're actually curious. Fire off a comment if you know the identity of the star's new man (or sibling for all we know)!

Audrina Patridge and unnamed hunk. [Photo:]

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He's a loser!! Know this first hand! He cheats on every girl and has a child who he has never seen and pays the mother off every month to keep quiet! Matts parents don't even know about it! He was cut from playing football...not bc of an injury! And he said on the show that he had his heart broken by a girl and that wasn't the case...he cheated on that girl with the girl he got pregnant! Nobody trust or feel sorry for matt! He's just a poser wanting his 15 minutes of fame!


He is a nice guy, but you gotta see where these girls are coming from...he hit it and quit it and they are not so


this is matt nordgren. he thinks he's famous and definitely hit on me when i was 16.


omg... wtheck... matt is disgusting and preys on innocent women. hes a poser and pretends to be something he isnt. he puts christian quotes on his facebook but he lives in vain! hes a total con artist. i would be so mad if i were audrina becuase he has conned her and any FEMALE who knows the real matt knows he's a loser! he may be a cool friend with his buddies but when it comes to women matt is a douche! he should be ashamed and she should be embarrassed now! I feel bad that he's doing that to her! This isn't because we are haters! I wish she only knew the kind of things he does! Every girl in dallas would tell you the truth about him because he's been with all of them! he's so desperate... its really sad! get out while you can audrina! i'm so dead serious! what happened to notable guys like chris pine and mark salling!!!??!? matt is someone you shouldnt even be giving the time of day! he's a waste of a man! A WASTE OF HUMAN KIND! don't say we didnt warn you!


matt nordgren is from dallas. he has a child who he doesnt want anything to do with and doesnt pay child support. he also has herpes and cheats on every girl. he is now broke and mooches off his friends and asks them for money.. he sleeps with any girl and then moves along to the next one. he also has a smal penis and is a lousy lay... sorry matt just cause u want to say ur the back up quarter back for UT doesnt and got released from the eagles before you even played a game doesnt mean u are a football player. just a dallas douchebag


Matt is a good guy & never speaks badly about people, if you actually knew him you would know this..


yo paps! track him closely you'll end up with a money making shot of him snorting cocaine like the dallas douche bag that he is


Haha, Thomas you really put your name on here? Thats how you end up on "The Dirty".


Matt Nordgren is a SWEETHEART and a wonderful, nice, good guy.


Matt's a door knob, we all had a turn with him in college. Nice guy though