Teresa Heinz Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

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Teresa Heinz, the wife of Senator John Kerry, has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

In light of the controversial new guidelines from the U.S. Preventative Service Task Force - which advise women under 50 to actually NOT undergo mammograms - Heinz wrote in to The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today:

"The cancer was detected at an early stage thanks to a mammogram and the work of a remarkable physician who insisted on investigating beyond what the mammogram could show. I have had two operations and my prognosis for a full recovery is good.

"As any woman can attest, mammograms can be nerve racking. And as the government's task force pointed out, they can produce misleading results and anxiety. But Ive' been personally reminded that they can also produce something else: a lifesaving early diagnosis."

We agree with Heinz's stance and we wish her a speedy, full recovery. Send in your get well wishes today!


I have been trying to get the Insurance Company to pay for a Thermogram-Thermography-100% safe-no radiation-painless-FDA- Approved-self referred - Digital infrared Thermal I would like the Insurance Companies to pay for the Thermogram - preventative healthcare and most likely less expensive. I would think if we would get the Thermogram -there wouldn't be as many women losing their breasts and lives. Thermograms have been around over years


I wish you get well


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Good Luck to her....Their loss in 2004 really has knocked down this country, as we face more everyday....and right after Elizabeth Edwards, too? :-( That campaign & the Bushies dirty tricks would damage anyone's immune system! I definitely respect the Kerry family's integrity & intelligence. Plus, I'm pro-Environment, as they are. It would have been nice to have had Kerry's positive, honest leadership instead of severe recession, major loss in the Middle East, constant violations of law and ethics, national bankruptcy, etc. But, Kerry always does best under fire. :)