Russell Hantz to Survivor Jury: You Were Wrong!

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On last night's Survivor finale, Natalie White somehow outwitted, outlasted and outplayed Russell Hantz to claim the season's million-dollar prize.

Viewers groaned when the game's best player had to settle for second place, as Hantz was clearly the dominant contestant throughout the season.

It's a fact Russell himself wasn't afraid to speak on during a post-finale interview with TV Guide Magazine. A few excerpts follow...

On being named Fan Favorite: It's wonderful because that shows the jury that even the fans knew that I played the best game. And it shows them that they did make the wrong decision. The people are telling you, you made the wrong decision.

On the jury: I thought they would respect the game enough, because we go through so much out there, that they would vote for me. That’s why I was so confident, I thought that they would respect the game. But I was dead wrong on that. I played with a bunch of people who never should have played the game.

On his strategy: I don’t know how I’m going to play game until I start planning out who I’m playing with. I see if I can manipulate them, or if I have to follow somebody for a little while, to get rid of that person... I don’t know if I would play differently or if I would play the same. I don’t know that I would do it again.

Look for Russell Hantz to be included on the upcoming Survivor edition, which pits heroes against villains. It premieres on February 12.


Russel made one, and only one big mistake. He forgot to kiss ass when he got to the jury.


Natallie is just that Hot blonde chick that doesn't do much at work hardly and knows how to play the game with the boss. Russell is the hardworking guy that works so hard. Having no time to chit-chat with the boss. But at the end. Who get the big raise? Natallie! Should not be. But that's the real life. The judges were so pissed that Russell out played them. That they voted for anyone else but Russell. They should of voted for Russell. He did play the best game.
But life is life. Humans get jellus. So they voted for anyone else but Russell. They screwed up on how Survivor was to be played and won.
I will not watch this show again. Horrible ending. Horrible !


Yeah Russell claims he was a greatest player to ever play the game. But he's also the biggest failure of all time. While Russell was steamrolling toward the final he forgot about the last step....WIN THE JURY! You see, it's not rocket science. Make it to the end ANY way you can. (immunity, coattails, alliances, lie, etc) Then get the most votes from the jury. That's it! If that means you win because they hate your opponent, oh well. Russell didn't get the most votes, so he FAILED. Natalie did, so she succeeded. You can bad mouth Natalie all you want but she's got the million, not Russell.

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