Police Investigating Elin Woods For Abuse of Tiger

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Police suspect Tiger Woods' car accident Friday morning may have stemmed from domestic violence he suffered at the hands of his wife, Elin Nordegren.

Circumstantial evidence certainly suggests that she flipped out on Tiger, although legally proving that could be challenging for local law enforcement.

Investigators have made one hard conclusion in their case: That not a single drop of blood from Tiger Woods was found on the Cadillac SUV he crashed.

Cops observed Tiger's lower lip split open and noted other facial lacerations after the wreck. But with no blood in the car, how did he really hurt himself?

Also, Elin Nordegren told them she smashed the back window with the golf club to drag Tiger, who was in an out of consciousness, to safety. Yet no blood.

This, combined with the fact that Woods has stymied three different requests for an interview, has understandably created more suspicion from the police.

As for why Elin supposedly freaked, Tiger is rumored to have gotten into a nuclear blowout with Elin over a report that he had affair with Rachel Uchitel.

Did Tiger Woods' wife freak out on him because of an affair he had with Rachel Uchitel? Or at least false rumors of an affair? That's what police (and we) want to know.

Whether he did is unclear (Tiger has not commented and Rachel has vehemently denied an affair it took place), but all signs point to an argument with Elin.

In any case, if they want to get to the bottom of it, police may be SOL. Surveillance video from Tiger's property isn't being made available by his lawyer.

The Florida Highway Patrol sent troopers to the hospital where Tiger was treated to secure his medical records, but so far, that hasn't yielded anything.

The main focus of the investigation is Tiger's injuries - if they indicate he really was attacked by Elin Woods, she would almost certainly be arrested.

But if Tiger can stall investigators until his face heals, and medical records don't show anything conclusive or can't be obtained, Elin could be in the clear.

This may very well be Tiger's intent.

As for Tiger, police are looking at whether he was driving under the influence of painkillers when he crashed. Proving that may be even more difficult.

In Florida, it's almost impossible to charge someone with DUI unless someone actually sees the suspect inebriated behind the wheel, which no one did.


when it was Chris Brown beating Rihanna everyone went crazy now its Tiger's fault that Elin beat him? Come on people whats that saying? Ladies we can't have our cake and eat it too either....


How does anyone really know what happened between the two of them that day. The only people that knew is Tiger and his wife. Now people are saying Tiger was having an affair. I don't think its fair to Tiger and his family to be put through all of this because of a car accident that thousands of people around the world have everyday. Tiger has done a very good job in keeping his personal life out of the public eye. It just goes to show what the world of media can do in a matter of hours.


why would anyone save a voice mail and 300 text messages if they had a relationship?


Maybe Tiger's wife Elin should take his place at the golf tournament. Sounds like she is one hell of a shot. Hole in one!!!! What a coward he is. I would have loved to see the look on his face as the club came swinging at him. Let this be a lesson to all men. Don't under estimate your wives. I will never understand why men will ruin their lives, homes and reputation for an affair. I agree with Debbie. Just stay single. Do your own laundry, cooking ect.


Wow, what a shock......a high profiled athlete having numerous affairs with other women while his wife stays home with his 2 kids. A nice home at that! I don't know why these men don't just stay SINGLE. They want to have their cake and eat it too. Looks like Tiger is eating crow. His wife kicked his ASS! How humiliating must it be for the world to see he isn't the clean cut wholesome athlete he as lead us all to think. Good for you Elin! You just made the list of Great women of America. Your up there with Lorena Bobbit, another fine woman. Women love you and support you. You go sister!!!! I hope there was no prenup


There was never a domestic violence call made, nor investigated by the police, this is the point. It was instigarted by the media, they have no idea what really happened. The family and neighbors have not verified the abuse, nor did his supposed auto accident lacerations raise suspicion. This whole thing is based on the tabloid stories and heresay. They cannot touch them.


It will be the State of Florida vs Tigers wife. In domestic violence cases they take it out of the spouses hands. If it were anyone else they would not leave after 3 attempts to get a accident report. They should have done the standard alcohol tests that they give everyone that smashes a car at 2am. People get thrown in jail all the time for DV, just threatening someone is considered DM, pushing someone is DV. taking it a step further hitting someone is for sure DV. Its not my rules its the law. DV is usually men beating up women but it goes the same the other way round.


so it sounds like Tiger's wife is batshit insane regardless of whether he slept with that ho. shame, she's really pretty too


The police cannot touch them....Tiget doesn't have to visit the station, by law...it was an accident and too much time has passed for them to ask him to submit to a sobriety test, I also doubt that this couple will admit to domestic violence. It is a privatte matter, if it is even a matter at all. This whole media blitz on them is just stupid and loaded with unfounded speculation, caused by fabricated stories put aloft by another freaking tabloid rag....move on


What a bunch of crap they all are. Fuck them and their loony tunes lives.

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