Dwight Howard Baby Mama Drama Continues

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Dwight Howard's efforts to hush Royce Lyndsay Reed haven't succeeded so far.

The NBA star says his baby mama is bashing him all over the Internet, and has filed a lawsuit against her (his second this month) to cyber-silence her.

Royce, the mother of his 2-year-old son, has been making some defamatory comments on gossip site lipstickalley.com, according to Dwight Howard.

Dwight claims Reed posted comments - "directly or indirectly" under an Internet alias - in violation of an injunction he just recently filed against her.

The Orlando Magic center sought to prevent Reed from uttering his name at all or using her baby mama status to be filmed on Basketball Wives.

Dwight Howard wants Royce Reed to zip it ... or else!

A few of Royce's supposed anti-Dwight comments he's referring to:

  • "[Dwight Howard] hasn't seen his son in two months."
  • "Why file an injunction if you have nothing to hide?"
  • "But the bottom line is Dwight is a douchebag."

According to Reed's lawyer, Dwight's baby mama is "flabbergasted" by the latest lawsuit, claiming she has nothing to do with the comments online.

Dwight Howard is seeking $9,205,000 in damages.


Royce is stupid, all the comments you make make you look like a fool. Why put all your personal business out there for people to see. Take care of your child, you cannot make a man do his part, you do your part as a mother. Is he paying child support, are you working, then do your job as a mother. If he is working and is away on games ( working) he won't see his kid everyday, you knew that before you got knocked up. On the show Basketball Wives you seem to be jealous to me, in fact "ALL the LADIES do".


He's just mad that now everyone KNOWS how much of a loser he is. Anyone who is around them can tell if he's not there when he's supposed to be, Royce doesn't have to say a word.


Your crazy if you don't think if there was internet and TMZ etc. back in MAGIC's day that those woman wouldn't have came out w/ tell-all books, interviews etc. what he is suing for is his endorsements (which is where most players make there money anyway) and his name which is priceless.


baby mama drama indeed!


All he is doing is verifying his douchebag-ness, lol


He can't prove anything unless the Feds take her computer and trace all of her alias's to her IP address (which is a huge waste of time and money). PS - Why does he even care? Being called a douchebag isn't even a putdown anymore simply because even bonified douches call people douchebags these days. This story is just a big bag of sloppy used douche.