Danielle Deleasa and Kevin Jonas: Married!!!!

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Not even the blizzard of 2009 could stop Kevin Jonas from walking down the aisle with the woman he loves yesterday.

At a ceremony attended by 400 family and friends, Jonas married long-time girlfriend Danielle Deleasa last night at Oheka Castle, a sprawling estate in Long Island.

Kevin Jonas and Danielle Jonas

"We're so happy that we're finally married and we were able to share the special moment with family, friends and loved ones," the couple told People.

The ceremony went on as scheduled, despite the snow falling outside. Michael Russo, an event planner, said the conditions just made the evening even more romantic.

"The snow only made it look more like a winter wonderland," he said. "Danielle looked like a princess [and] Kevin couldn't stop smiling."

Joe and Nick Jonas served as their sibling's best men, while the pair recited traditional vows and exchanged wedding bands they designed for one another.

"Kevin has said many times he feels like he met his princess," said Russo. "To see them together you can feel the warmth and the love all around them. They are just perfect for each other."



I have to say I was watching your show and I'm offended that dani and her family blame their out and out right money grubbing ( which her fam is obv looking for fame and fortune with their disgusting behavior) and rude behavior on being Italian !! I'm Greek and Italian and we don't act like they do they are fame snatching money grabbers dani is gorgeous and stupid and Kevin I hope you got a prenuptial on a serious note I m a lot older and see that her family is your detriment when u get married yes you take on their family but you don't have to emotionally and financially support them it makes me sick watching then try and steal you and Danis fame and fortune I hope you two survive it because she truly loves you and won't get her anxiety. Issues resolved until its just you and her its not normal to be your age constantly surrounded by her family's selfish negative energy sorry but so much th truth I hope you both endure


Danielle is so pretty.Kevin made a good decision.you both are lucky.only if you could get katy perry a husband.i dont want her to be a lonely sucker all her life.she's not a sucker though.i love her to peices.her real name is Kathryn.wat a beautiful name for a beautiful women like her.you to Danielle.your name is beautiful just like katy perry's because you are a beautiful wife.i hope yall are dciding to have kids.


cute.so romantic.you guys are lucky to have each other.have a beautiful and safe marriage.no yelling.lolz.ha ha ha.best wishes.congrats guys.love yall so much


Aww you guys are a beautiful couples.Your wif e is so pretty.congradulations guys:)


i wish you the very best


awweeh this is so cute and ur wife is soo pretty i love this news haha not a big fan of jonas but its cool:) and i love your new camp rock 2 movie it rocks kevinn:)!!!!!! well anyways CONGRATS!!!!!




Congratulations!!! hope you guys have a long and everlasting marriage!!! God Bless You!


she is ok she is not bad nor beautiful she is ok but still u guys make a gud couple in sum places in sum places it doesn't look lyk u guys are couple but stilll she is gud not bad gud choice but seriously u dun know how to choose


hmmm..... didnt think he'd get someone as pretty as her......

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