Megan Fox Pics: The New York Times Outtakes

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As you may know, Megan Fox was featured in the New York Times last week.

She was described as "a student of stardom, past and present, who knows how to provide her own commentary, a narrative to go with the underwear."

Now, the nation's preeminent newspaper is focusing more on the underwear part, releasing outtakes from its photo shoot with the mouthy movie star.

Hey, you might as well maximize the mileage you get out of this ...

Fox Time

The New York Times may be on to something here.

As the worldwide decline of print journalism continues to take its toll on this and numerous other venerable publications, perhaps a paradigm shift is in order.

After all, what better way to sell newspapers than photos of Megan Fox, artistically featured in black and white of course, lifting her legs over her head. Gulp.

Click to enlarge more Megan Fox pictures from the Times ...

  • Black and White Megan
  • Foxy Megs
  • Limber
  • Megan Pic
  • Great Times
  • Classed Up
  • Foxy in the Times
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She's a student of something, but I don't think it's stardom!


how. pretty good pics. wanna be a photographer so.. kodos to the picture taker. rep the photo life. and world!!!


Classy is as classy does.