Jon Gosselin Pretends to Take Yoga Class

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The latest stop on Jon Gosselin's quest for positive PR inner peace: A hilariously staged photo shoot at a yoga studio at a Los Angeles hotel November 5.

The 32-year-old father of eight wants us to think he is putting his days of boozing, partying and skirt-chasing behind him in favor of other activities.

Yoga may help him "find balance in his life," says his instructor, Michelle Demus. "With all that has been going on in Jon's life, things are out of whack."

Instead of knocking back drinks and tapping Hailey Glassman, the embattled Jon "has got to let go of external distractions and tap into his spirituality."

Jon Gosselin is seeking physical and spiritual enlightenment. Yeah, right.

Maybe the kids will also get involved. Yoga "is a great way for kids to learn how to cope with pressure" they are likely facing during their parents' divorce battle.

Jon has a lot of work to do, though. According to experts, his body seems "closed off" and "holds a lot of tension." He and Hailey must really have broken up.

Follow the jump for a video montage of yoga-loving Jon ...


These loser parents are going to piss away all their inheritance money in attorney fees. Those poor kids are f*cked.


what a tool, there is no way in hell he did yoga if he did he'd still be stuck in whatever postition he was in lol. He needs more than yoga to fix him lol.


hahahaha. what a faker. thank goodness he didn't wear spandex.


hate him... as usual


Ugh, he is so gross. I feel so sorry for those kids to have the loser parents that they have.


I hope he pulls something


He sure is getting fat!!!!!! And his skin is so white. But the fact that he is a loser is even more repulsive.


why pretend aint that imature ? :|


He's still a douchebag and I doubt that's ever going to change no matter how hard he tries to put on a good front.


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