Irina Shabayeva: Project Runway Season 6 Winner!

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Irina Shabayeva stood before Heidi Klum & Co. Thursday night, waiting to hear if she would be named the winner of Project Runway's much-delayed sixth season.

She was.

Besting Althea Harper and Carol Hannah Whitfield for the title, Irina stayed classy, polished and capable of crafting wearable couture at the NYC extravaganza.

All three were impressive last night, but there could only be one winner.

It seemed like anyone's game, but the panel ultimately decided that Irina Shabayeva, despite her aversion to color in her sporty-glam line, played it the best.

The new Project Runway champion, Irina Shabayeva.

"I can't believe it!" the newest Project Runway winner exclaimed, jumping into consultant Tim Gunn's arms as he walked out to congratulate her at the end.

"I'm definitely proud of myself," she said, giving props to her opponents. "I think this deserves a pat on the back, because I had some stiff competition."

In the end, it was Irina's surprisingly edgy, nearly all-black collection that won her the $100,000, a spread in Marie Claire and a Paris vacation.

What do you think? Should Irina Shabayeva have won?


irina is such a bitch, i believe carol hannah deserved to win. the judges were silly in their decision


Carol desrved that title! Irina was a good designer but a bitch! Carol was an awesome desingner and super sweet too!


Yes, I wished it was Carol who won as I loved her all collections! I'm very dissapointed in the results for Project Runway season 6. Carol, have a sucessful career in the future!


Carol Hannah's collection was absolutely amazing. She didn't have to be extremely rude and stuck up to make it happen either.. I appreciate her work and respect her more as a designer for it.


Aww i was praying for Carol Hannah to win too!! I think she had the best overall collection. It was the most fresh and young collection there! I hope Carol Hannah continues down this path and look forward to seeing more of her work in the future!


Although I appreciated Irina's work, week after week I hoped her attitude would change. I couldn't get over her comment; "I came here to win,NOT to make friends". The sad part of it is that, with a little compassion and humility, SHE COULD HAVE DONE BOTH!


Without a doubt, Carol Hannah, is in my opinion, the best designer. He line was beautiful and the craftsmanship, impeccable. Anyone can whip up a tee shirt and add embellishments, nothing new, nothing special. Irina paraded embellished black garments down the runway. One word "boring".


I think Irina deserved to win. Throughout the competition she was very focused and at the end it paid off.. Congratulations Irina, as a fashion student myself, you have inspired me to keep working!!! Awesome job!


I have always liked Irina's work, but I have always liked Carol Hannah's, too. I love black, but the judges said all along, there should be color. Therefore, I was surprised they chose Irina, because last night the judges mentioned Irina had no color, and then added...we have said that. That's when I thought Carol Hannah would be the winner.


I also was rooting for Carol Hannah. I'm quite disappointed, she didn't win. I wish her the best. I think in the end she will have a great career in the fashion industry & her line of clothing will be more successful than Irina's.