David Archuleta: The Anti-Adam Lambert

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THG stands behind Adam Lambert and his AMA performance, especially after he acknowleged today that his behavior crossed a line.

Still, we admit that it's refreshing to watch David Archuleta on stage, as the former American Idol finalist won't be grabbing anyone's crotch any time soon.

Quite the opposite, in fact, as Archie put on a concert in Salt Lake City this week. For a duet of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," he was joined on stage by a close, personal guest: His mother!

It doesn't get much more adorable than this:


adam is fantastic!!!fuck you!!


Adam is the best singer ever. I don't care what you said about him but i know you all consider that he have a great voice and a great technique, so why 'd you keep saying about a fantastic artist like that. he's gay, so what? that makes you unpleasant?
come'on, gender is not the problem, the problem is you guy. think about it and you understand


While I do agree that Adam has a very good voice..that's as far as it goes. He is obscene. What happens to a person that gets that messed up in his life? Sad. David's voice is pure, sweet, and powerful. He can sing pop, classical anything. He appeals to a wider range of people. Believe me who's ever managing David is a smart guy. We don't want anymore Brittany's plastered on our TV screen..child star grows up to be a _____ fill in the blanks.As far as Adam...there are a lot of freaks in the world, I'm sure he'll attract millions.


David for ETERNITY!! :)


I don't think Adam is a great role model just a nice guy who helped raise $230.000. His performance is inappropriate, not a good example. I believe that David won't do that on stage. Never did, and never will. Staciegirlie if you don't think that Adam's performance during AMA night was inappropriate than nothing we can say about that. Maybe that's your taste. But, I rather see a nice clean polite performance on stage and I believe that most of the audience at that night were disgusted with his performance.


Adam is fire; David Archuleta is water. I can live without fire, but I can't live without water.


David who ? The new kid on the street? OK ! He’s good for kids.
If we talk real world rock/pop music, will be only Adam. Adam Lambert is FASCINATING and SENSATIONAL and MULTYTALENTED.
And this is only the beginning of his carrier! Brace yourself to witness major changes in this form of art (induced by Adam’ artistry). He will become an international superstar with fans all over the world. He is too good to be true (right now he needs a bit adjustment, lol). He owns the public, the stage, he has CHARISMA. David doesn’t have any of these qualities because he’s a kid (charisma comes with big nuts and life experience) and will never have (because you need to be DAN gifted for this). Adam has personality, he is witty, beautiful, style and he is SEXUALLY CHARGED. Do I need to comment about why David has no such qualities? Face it Adam and David are two totally different worlds. Adam is the worldwide mature and powerful superstar, David is children‘s favorite singer.


It's o.k. but the mom needed to do a tapdance or something and lighten things up..Adam Lambert was the last act on the AMA's. Kids should have been tucked in their beds..even better they should have been watching The Amazing Race..many more family values here, like perservering vs. overpd. singers shocking America!!


This has to be the cutest thing! I don't know of a cuter celebrity. Or a cuter guy, for that matter. He's such a sweetheart, and he sings like an angel. I love his first CD, and i can't wait to get the new one. Also, props to his mom for making him blush during a concert. that was cute ^_^ And it's obvious where he gets his pipes from. They are both really good.


Adam Lambert for life.


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