Shakira Yearns to Reproduce with Antonio de la Rua

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Shakira is really ready to let herself go. If it means getting pregnant, that is.

The 5'2" Colombian singer says she's looking forward to packing on pounds.

Those hips may not lie, but they may very well produce ... forget it.

"Lately my body feels like it is just asking to reproduce, to have a huge belly and carry babies," Shakira tells the new issue of Rolling Stone. "My boyfriend is six feet tall, and sometimes I feel like I'm his keychain, a small thing."

But while the Grammy winner, currently in a nine-year, monogamous relationship with investment banker Antonio de la Rua, has long harbored a maternal instinct, don't expect her to walk down the aisle any time soon. Or at all.

Can Shakira conquer the world? You mean she hasn't already?

"We live in a society that represses women's subconscious dreams," Shakira, who considers herself a die-hard feminist, says in her opposition to marriage.

"You know, women have to make enormous efforts through life, much larger than men. We deal with so much pressure, such as the pressure of aesthetics."

"Society wants us to deliver our performances as mothers, daughters and wives."

"It's funny how the papers want to see you married, and then they want to see you divorced," she continues. "Well, I won't do any of it, at any point."

As long as she keeps cranking out the hit songs and posing for magazines like this, we are perfectly fine with that. Besides, she's legally on the market!


I rbeemmer seeing him at VBS a few years ago wow what a diference now that he doesn't need his hearing aids!the Holy Spirit is amazing!


I must say Jane you should get your stories straight. Shakira has had 13 children & made many people wealthy. When you were abused at 2 & 4 you wouldn't remember. She is not from South America as you well know since we went to school together. I am disappointed in Roy & many others. Her relatives have let her down also. Scientology is for the birds. guess our relatives & friends should have consulted me first. Fay should have talked to me first not allowed what went on at the roxy. Also using an 80 yr old man to get his money is sick
Gerry Weiler


Come on Antonio! Get your head out of your ass and knock her up already! If you can't I will be more than happy to!


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