Perez Hilton: Save the Seals! Give Me Attention!

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When we heard Perez Hilton was posing for a PETA campaign, we got worried.

It's bad enough for that organization to waste money on celebrity endorsements (over actually saving animals), but its posters usually feature the naked bodies of D-listers such as Joanna Krupa and Alicia Silverstone.

We've eaten in the last six weeks, so the last thing we wanna see is Perez Hilton nude. Fortunately, the self-serving blogger didn't take his advertisement that far - but we still can't help but wonder what purpose the image below serves.

Based on Hilton's reputation, seal clubbing may very well rise in Canada after our friends up north see who is against it.

Sea lion

Perez Hilton wants to save the seals. Based on his resemblance to this species, we can understand why.


@robsessed- well said.


It's a good cause people


i think its never wrong to support a good cause


For those of you that don't who oppose the seal hunt but don't know how to read or do research on your own. It was proposed for the sealers to stop the use of hakapiks (only 5% are clubbed in one area) to club seals. All of a sudden HSUS did an about face and said that they didn't want the hakapik banned because it was more effective than rifles to kill seals. Come on now, what do you guys all want? The problem is that you without the hakapik you wouldn't be able to cry to your donors for money using the image of a club. Wake up and do some research before you hand over a blank check that really is used to pay salaries.


I truly hope this is the last post about perez hilton. he's pathetic.


As much as perez hilton helps out with charities, the crap he pulls and the negativity that surrounds him - i don't think anything is genuine about him, including his charity work. it's all a pull towards attention on him
I used to read the website, but i got so sick of his hypocritical posts (he posted that michael jackson was faking sickness so he could postpone the tour, when really he was dead. perez then retracked that post, acting like he never said that... coward)


You're just jealous that his website is SO much better then yours and gets more hits then yours ever will.
Way to go Gossip Gangsta, save those precious baby seals. ;)


I'm not American.....thank god.
B/c where I'm from, we don't base someone worth on what "list" they're on....D-list or not....these models for PETA are doing a hell of al ot more then what YOU give out to the world.
You Americans (not all, but people like you who write this blog) pass judgement on people for caring about something else other then's pathetic.
here's some pointers, Get some healthcare, pull out of the war, stop killing the worlds ecomomy and then just go away.
You are the laughing stock of the world, well you don't only get laughs, you get pity as well.


No matter WHAT you think about Perez, LOVE him or HATE him, it's your choice, but at least he is CONSTANTLY getting news out there to help with different charities and organizations. He actually has a heart, no matter what people may think. I think it's such Bull$hit that people would judge someone using their name to help raise awareness to try and stop a very cruel act toward the seals, among other charities he promotes on his site. He may talk a lot of $hit, but at least he uses his fame to try and make the world a better place. So maybe people should shut the hell up!


Well isn't it precious of Perez to get behind saving blubber something near and dear to his heart, and his gut and his back, and his man boobs...I love how he's sucking in his fat fucking cheeks for the picture.

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