Jake Pavelka as The Bachelor: Worst Choice Ever?

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After the new star of The Bachelor was revealed last week, ABC received a collective "wow" reaction from fans. Just not the type of "wow" they were looking for.

"OMFG ... JAKE is the new Bachelor?!" This was the collective response here at THG headquarters. And we were far from alone in that exclamation of shock and blah.

But are we writing off Jake Pavelka too quickly?

Perhaps the backlash against the Dallas commercial pilot can be mostly attributed to greater adoration for Reid Rosenthal and/or Kiptyn Locke. Or perhaps not.

Here's a look at some of the pros and cons of Jake Pavelka. Think he'll be worth watching when The Bachelor when the long-running show returns in January?

Jake Pavelka: The Bachelor


  1. He sold out Wes Hayden. What a d!ck move.
  2. He was kinda angling for this the whole time.
  3. He's not Reid Rosenthal. What can you do.
  4. Jake is boring. That was why Jillian Harris rejected him on The Bachelorette. He seems like Mr. Perfect, yet only superficially. Odd choice for a star, no?


  1. He sold out Wes Hayden. Hey, it made for good TV.
  2. He really "believes in the process" for some reason.
  3. He's Chris Harrison endorsed. "I haven't spent a ton of time with him yet, but he seems like a good guy," Chris said. "I bet it's a really good season."
  4. He's open-minded about the gals' looks. "I'm looking for a heart of gold. Character. Someone that's compassionate and romantic. Passionate."
  5. Jake is hot. See pic above. No disputing this one.

Well? Will Jake Pavelka be a good Bachelor?


"Sold out" Wes Hayden??!? Are you kidding? Wes "the scumbag" Hayden had a girlfriend and went on the show to promote himself as a musician. So Wes Hayden sold out and prostituted Wes Hayden. He was a liar and actor and phoney from the get go.
I found Jake to be the only upstanding guy out of the whole bunch because he had the character and integrity and decency to actually tell Jillian what a prick Wes was.
How can you fault Jake for this????? Are you completely nuts?


why is a good-looking guy like that single? there must be something wrong with him.


I am really tired of this kind of trash on television, with these laughable cardboard-cutouts. Every reality show on television insinuates that unless you are very good-looking and/or wealthy, you are less than nothing in this society. As an average-looking, middle-class guy, this offends me immensely. This ken-doll looking buffoon obviously would have no problem either finding love or getting laid, and neither would the perfect-looking barbies. This is truly the age of stupid, and it is partly because of shows like this that we are perceived as shallow, materialistic, and stupid as a whole by other countries!


Did you k now that on this season of The Bachelor Jake Pavelka rents RV's for his ladies and hits the road? They stopped at several locations between Agoura Hills and San Francisco.


he didn't sell him out to get ahead of the show..he was already kicked off and he said he didn't want to come back on he just wanted her to know and be careful. he did the right thing.


it would be nice if one of these shows would be real where they really do fall in love and get married
real-wishes dot com where wishes become reality


hey at least he's hot


The only way this season would be worth anything is if Fleiss exposes the little weasel for what he really is, a famewhore thinking he's going to make it big in show business through this show.


wonder who will be able to 'resit' those big blue eyes?


i kinda wished Reid would have been it for this season

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