Chaz Bono: Jennifer Elia is My Rock

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Jennifer Elia, the girlfriend of Chaz Bono, was completely supportive of her partner's decision to undergo a sex change operation and become a man.

Quite the display of strength and quite the departure from the countless celebrity relationships we've talked about that fizzle out over minute details.

Chaz Bono says his gender reassignment surgery allows the two to physically have what they've always had emotionally: a heterosexual relationship.

"She's been amazing," Bono, who underwent the operation this summer, told ET.

"I really feel so grateful to be going through this with a partner."

Chaz Bono, Jennifer Elia

Chaz Bono's operation by no means caught Jennifer Elia off guard.

She knew his intention to do this from the start, Bono says: "I didn't just spring this on Jennifer recently. This was something she knew about shortly after we met. Our relationship always modeled a heterosexual relationship."

"This was true emotionally and intellectually. Now it is physically as well."

Chaz Bono, whose voice is drastically lower and has been shaving once a week now, says he feels relieved, as in his mind, he's always been a male.

"I feel like I'm living in my body for the first time, and it feels really good," said the child of Cher, who was also supportive of Chaz's sex change.

"The one thing that will never change is my abiding love for my child," she said.

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:( YUCK!!!


I think Chaz is very brave.


I am not surprised at all by cher's statement. It is so her to accept people the way they are. She could not reject her own child... But still, i feel sorry for her. She had a daughter and a son. Now she has no daughter anymore :( i do not get how being a cute little girl can get one to an enormous male. What about becoming a cute guy, if becoming a guy is the only point of that surgery? Anyway, bravo pour ton courage quand même chaz.


i respect and admire chaz.. i myself are looking for a pshycologist to take my case on so i can be assesed for the same operation. its difficult for family and friends to understand how a person is feeling to be trapped in a body that doesnt belong to them.. some people will never understand, but the fact of the matter is, this is your life, we get one chance at it, its nothing to do with anyone else what a person does with there i say good on you chaz... i wish i could be as fortunate in this respect as you..and you look very happy! good luck with the rest of your life and enjoy..a friend.


Wow, Chasity was actually a pretty woman....and to dream of becoming an obese man is quite a change! I am not sure what drives such's something I can not comprehend...but if everyone is happy....then I wish them the best!


It must be difficult to live in the public eye,so for all of them(Cher,Chaz,etc) I commend their courage. Gender reassignment is a process that is several years in the making...psychological counseling for a few years,medications ,then finally the surgery.I admire Chaz's partner for sticking by his side.I wish all those involved the best!


After the "transition" is complete, does this mean that Chaz will no longer self identify as a homosexual? Does the transition mean that Chaz never was a homosexual? Does this mean that gender-based roles forced this "transition"? Is this merely a way for Chaz to be married to the sweetie? Agreed with the other posters. Cher's love is deep to be able to continue devotion to her child in these circumstances. How much did Chaz' early introduction to lesbianism contribute to the desire to "become a man?"


I'm old enough to remember the Sonny and Cher show and this cute little blonde girl they brought onstage every now and then who was their daughter. Now we have this person who looks like a man and is obese -- just mind-blowing, especially considering how ultra-feminine and thin Chaz's mother is. Her father was also always very thin. This is not a judgmental critique at all and I agree with Cab that it's pretty gracious that Cher is supporting Chaz . . . still . . . it's just such a wild departure from the parents that it boggles the imagination.


I've got a lot of respect for Cher. It must be difficult to have a child go through this...especially in the public eye. Her statement, "The one thing that will never change is my abiding love for my child," is a very gracious and supportive one. Good luck to both of them.


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