Balloon Boy 911 Call: Released, Full of Hot Air

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The 911 call made by Mayumi and Richard Heene Heene to Fort Collins, Colo., police during the original Balloon Boy hoax last week has been released.

Pretending to be distraught and worried about son Falcon Heene, Richard says he's sure his 6-year-old is in the balloon, pleading with the dispatcher:

"What do you do in a case like this? How the heck am I gonna get him down?"

Sickening what people will do and say for their 15 minutes.

These two should have taken some acting classes, as their attempts to act hysterical are mediocre at best, and their version of events is suspect.

Our favorite part? Richard Heene admitting he called the FAA before he called 911. Who would that occur to if this weren't an elaborate sham?

Listen to the 911 call by playing the video below ...


Makes me sad they took up the operators time, when she could have been helping who was really in trouble, how selfish


I feel sorry for the wife and the kids this father is nothing but a very controlling woman hating jerk he couldn't find a wife in America that he could control so he found one from Japan where women are taught and raised to be sub servant
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