Amy Winehouse Performs, Appears Semi-Lucid

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Amy Winehouse has set the bar pretty low.

Like the relative dancing at the family wedding who you're uncomfortable watching and pray will get off the floor before he face plants, Wino's rare live appearances are sure to make you uncomfortable. You just want them to be over.

So it was for Amy Winehouse on Saturday.

As a backing singer for her 13-year-old goddaughter Dionne Bromfield’s performance of “Mama Said” on the UK's Strictly Come Dancing, she at least didn’t fall over!

Sure, the part-time rapper was wobbly, with a vacant look on her face, and was kind of falling in and out of rhythm with the other singers. But take what you can get.

Here's Wino performing with (awesome) Dionne Bromfield ...

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gabriela - if you dont want to read it dont! doesnt mean the author is not allowed to write his or her opnion, just like you, but dont comment on it if you dont have anything nice to say about the articale, thats it, its just an article, you shouldnt be attacking the authour for something YOU believe


who the hell would choose her to be a godmother? that just sick, why would you choose a drug f**ked loser like her to help raise your kids if you passed?


Why every one has to be so rude with Amy, she is just a human like all of you. I think this kind of journalism is very disrespectful (if this can be called journalism). She is helping her goddaughter and this is very nice of her. I don't understand the benefit of using terms like "wino" and being so mean could do (only for promoting this kind of selling/sick news). I wonder if the person who wrote this kind of stuff doesn't have a relative or a friend with a drug problem. I am sure that if there is a karma police, soon this person will find out what is to face problems like that...
Stop trying to make money on other people flaws! Take a look to your owns !!!
Why you went to college for?!!!


i really hope she can get off or is off the drugs. they really messed her up


haha SEMI-lucid


omg - you either love her or hate her huh? i really cant stand her at all


Amy should put Dionne in a room and let her listen to Ella and Billie Holliday for the next six months and then let her start making records. Strange how the number she sang reflects the sort of music that Amy is said to have sung when she was boozed up on her desert island.


Amy winehouse sucks


Amy's movements kept up with the other singers perfectly. She just doesn't sing on the beat; it's not her style. She's more jazzy.
Dionne is great. Hope she stays that way.


Pretty sure you're an idiot, samm