Sarah Palin Memoir: To Be Released on November 17

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Over the last few weeks, Levi Johnston has given the world his original, hilarious take on Sarah Palin.

On November 17, the former governor of Alaska and current cult-like figure will release her own story, as Going Rogue: An American Life hits stores earlier than originally announced.

It will go up against the release of Kris Allen's debut CD that day.

Palin as a Mother

Some Republicans, and ALL Democrats, hope Sarah Palin is a nominee for President in 2012.

The 400-page memoir from HarperCollins was essentially penned by ghostwriter Lynn Vincent.

Palin was likely too busy shooting wolves from helicopters and believing in the unproven premise that abstinence education leads to fewer pregnancies.

Among the topics expected to be covered in the tome are:

  • Palin's life as a beauty pageant contestant;
  • Her selection as Vice Presidential running mate by Jon McCain;
  • Daughter Bristol's pregnancy;
  • A passionate defense of Alaska's proximity to Russia;
  • The main reasons why Katie Couric is a stupid head;
  • An English translation of her Gubernatorial resignation speech.

We may have made a few of those up.

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let's see her memoirs should mention what a wonderful parent she


whose going to want to win that


Palin's time as a beauty queen.... That'll be a page turner.


I like her even thou I wasn't voting for her or McCain I still like her..




It should be good for a laugh.