No Bad Blood Between Stephen Moyer and Robert Pattinson, Actor Says

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In late June, Stephen Moyer referred to Robert Pattinson as a pussy, earning the wrath of Twlight Saga followers everywhere.

Granted, the True Blood star was mostly kidding - but, come on, he should know better than to mess with such a rabid fan base.

On Sunday night, following the 2009 Emmy Awards, Moyer acknowledged that Twilight was "great" and told E! News:

"I think they serve a certain audience and we serve a certain demographic, so we can all exist happily together."

As Edward

Of course, anyone that watches True Blood knows what Moyer meant when he also called Pattinson the "Diet Coke" of vampires earlier this summer.

That HBO series features buckets of blood and gore each episode, along with numerous orgies and nudity. Twilight, conversely, focused on shimmering skin.

But that may soon change. There's talk that Eclipse will be quite hot and very heavy, with fans buzzing over "hot Robsten sex" rumors. That's true both on screen and off screen, of course.

Who would you prefer to take a bite out of you?


I think both of them are very poor actors
I cant handle edward or bill, at times I cant stop myself from laughing at them
But eric northman can take a bite anytime :)


**Contest** oops, I was typing too fast


No ocntest, Rob could take a bite anytime


edward wins everytime BUT true blood is an awesome show... they're very similar and yes i realize true blood came first


Edward all the way x 1270735074852075439 :)


Go Edward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tia : you're not the only one who wants to win!!!!!!!!!! ;)


I voted Edward cullen! Everyone should know :p (I want to win the contest.. :p)


Twilight is a movie that has morals. Its about real love and purity. Its about family love as well. Language is clean. They have their temptations like everyone else. But this is a story of honor and values. Other vampire movies are just the run of the mill see who can have sex with who, murderous vimpires and horrible language and bad role models. Thanks to Twlight for making a clean movie for all to see!!!!!


anyone thats read the twilight saga knows that Edward and Bella don't have sex untill Breaking Dawn, so thats just a load of shite.

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