Miley Cyrus Tries to Shoot Down Rumor of Liam Hemsworth Hook-Up

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Within hours of the Internet buzzing over a rumored Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth make-out session, the spoiled young singer took to Twitter to shoot down this story.

She wrote:

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There are just a few problems with this reply:

   1. Blogs did not create this story; it was reported by People magazine and The New York Daily News;
   2. This is not random speculation; Alex Emanuel, a respected Broadway actor, says he witnessed the Miley make-out session;
   3. No one said Cyrus had a boyfriend. The rumor is that she was simply getting to first base with someone. Based on the way she dresses and acts, Miley doesn't seem like a one-guy kind of girl anyway.
   4. Notice how Cyrus always makes herself the center of the universe? We hate to break it to Miley, but reporting on her life is far from our "reason to breathe." It's just a job, sort of like how hers involves being a puppet for Disney.


shes not that slutty when you think about the world...


shush all of you, stop talking about her like you know her
for god sake didnt you do anything wrong when you were younger
you all needd to get a life and stop talking about all this
i know im doing it, but its cause im doing a story on her for our school paper
ive found out some really good stuff that shes done for people, so why dont you stop focusing on the bad things and calling her a slag or whatever and realise that every celebrity in the world does things like this, but none of them get it half as bad as what she does.
try being in the public eye as much as she is and then you have the right to say that about her.


OMG Miley, You make out with people, pole dance, take naked photo shoots, date 20 year olds, make out with 3 guys at the same time and take pictures of yourself in the shower. But your right! Your just a kid! People should give you a break :O! Disney slut -________-


oh my god
she's so friggen self-centered and attention-seeking gawd and she's such a hypocrite!
when ppl annoy her about how slutty she is pole dancing she's like i'm a kid! gimme a break!
and then she turns around and is all like i'm an ADULT now geez
she needs to get a life
majorly wt sorta crap role model is that?


Stop calling her a slut if you dont know her personally dont fuckin judge her, and who cares if she has a boyfriend or not shes 16 she can do what she likes


fuckin' whining bitch


I'm really digusted with this tramp, I can't believe her parents allow this tramp to carry herself in such a negative way, how do you allow your 15 year old daughter to have a 20 year old boyfriend, and sleep over? what do they think there are really doin when no one is around? baking cookies? I give this tramp 2 years before she ends up knocked up!!! how sad, that her parents allow this crap to go on!!!!


o and by the way, im pretty sure being in a nearly-naked photo shoot, pole dancing, and making fun of other celebrities arent just "mistakes." she has half the world looking up 2 her for some ungodly reason, so she should be acting like a young adult. my god. shes not just 16 years old, shes a (quote all of you miley lovers), "multi-millionaire with a successful career." a 16-year-old celebrity better act a little more mature than a regular 16-year-old if shes got half the world checking in on her every 2 seconds. so why dont you and ur beloved miley grow up a little.


omg, i was totally right the whole time. ive hated miley since the very beginning. i knew she would turn out like those other messes of celebrities now, such as paris, britney, lindsay, and jamie lynn. my friends thought i was jealous, but really, what is there 2 be jealous of? nothing, that's right! nobody likes her. she thinks the world revolves around her, and she's gonna get her butt kicked so hard that ill be laughing for the next century. :) o, and by the way, i LOVE Pathetic SLUT Miley's comment. :)


You can so tell that that picure is from the movie !

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