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Following the murder of Jasmine Fiore, likely at the hands of her husband Ryan Jenkins, his former reality TV love interest Megan Hauserman has remained quiet.

Hauserman, a self-proclaimed "aspiring trophy wife," starred on Megan Wants a Millionaire, which was airing on VH1 until it was yanked amid the Fiore tragedy.

Ryan Jenkins was reportedly a finalist on the show. After getting kicked off, he went to Las Vegas, met Jasmine Fiore and married her less than a week later.

One can see why VH1 pulled the plug on Megan Wants a Millionaire (and the third season of I Love Money, which hadn't yet aired and Jenkins reportedly won).

In any event, Megan Hauserman the following appreciative Tweet to her fans today as she copes with the aftermath of the tragedy that played out last week:

Megs Tweetz

Come back soon i missed watching you on the tube.The sexiest gilr on tv ever. Don't worry about what the others say,just keep doing what you doing, all good..


and people follow her?


yes, she is the one that needs love and support after somebody else she doesn't know got killed by her fake ex boyfriend


megan is ugly I think they should keep the show off the air. She is money hungry whore.


All this sucks my prayers go out to the fiore's family and does anyone kno if the show is going to go back on cuz I actually liked this show MEGAN you go girl!!!!


fuck this sucks, the guy i thought to be most compatable with this silly bitch is a psychotic, raging, crazed murderer.... guess im not the best judge of character- hmm... maybe i can get a job as a producer on vh1 :/


wow melissa, nothing like being a hatin bitch.
Personally I wanna see the rest of the damn show...


how much love and support do you need? you werent a victim. people should feel for fiore's family, not you.what was so tragic about this for you?

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