Kristen Stewart Says New Moon Shoot "Killed Me"

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How can a day on set with Robert Pattinson be anything but pleasant? When one is shooting such emotionally draining material that it tears one up inside.

Indeed, in an interview with MTV this week, Kristen Stewart opens up about the difficulty of filming New Moon, referring to it was "the one book in the series that I was intimidated by — in a good way."

"That's the best feeling to start a movie with," she said. "But probably, my favorite line in the book is when I have to say to [Jacob], "It's him; it's always been him!" Like, I have to say that. Yeah, it killed me, it killed me."

Stewart continued, trying to explain her feelings:

"Just like everything in our movie, it's such a heightened version of reality. It's like, people don't just break up [in the "Twilight" films] — they break up and it literally kills you."

Taylor Lautner also chimed in, dubbing New Moon as "very complicated."

"There's a lot of heartbreak, there's a lot of things going on. Edward leaves at the beginning, she goes into this depression, I come to try and bring her out of it. Then, I go through my own issues, and then she leaves me. It's all over the place."

Fans will gain a greater understanding when the film opens on November 20. For now, click on the following images from it:


Oh, stop being so melodramatic Kristen. Your acting is awful and you really ruined the movie for me with. Do you ever stop shaking your head and blinking your eyes? If filming New Moon is "killing" you, then DON'T do it. Without your terrible, unconvincing acting, I might actually have liked the film Twilight. Stop whining and complaining already, there are so many more actresses out there who are more beautiful and talented than you. You should be eternally grateful that you even got cast as Bella. "They break up and it literally kills you."
Do you know what literally means?
It's when my little cousin got knocked down by a car and didn't wake up again ever. Get over it - people break up all the time and no one is interested in your pathetic, childish complaints.


I am with "JennaB"(aug 26th) on this one.. So much whinning from Kristen & her cry baby self! Get real.
Who pays this chics bills? Daddy/Mommy? Let her try the Military or law enforcement and see how life is really all about and the maturity level of real things to come! Grow up already kristen.. I still feel bad for Michael A. to of put up with this insecure, whiney, pot infested chic.


that is an awsome line i dont think she is whining i think she is trying to explain to the fans what her point of view was and her favorite line was in the movie which was mine by the way it totally made me smile when she felt that way loved it lol


yeah the movie has so much different and difficult emotions so shes just gettin into character atm. i think shes a very good actress :)


Wow Jenna, that's a bit harsh. You are slamming her for getting into her character? And blaming the ACTORS for the sad contents of the book??? Jeesh.


Maybe we should all skip this depressing movie. Did it kill her to collect the money? What a whiney bunch of babies. Bring on a real movie and I pass!!!

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