Tyra Banks to Appear on Gossip Girl

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Tyra Banks is coming to Gossip Girl this fall.

Little is known about the appearance by the Tyra Banks Show and America's Next Top Model host at this time, but she is said to be "putting on her acting shoes."

Awesome Tyra Banks Fashion

Does that means she'll be playing an actual part, rather than appearing as herself? If so, Gossip Girl is flirting pretty hard with stunt casting (and shark jumping).

Banks becomes the latest high-profile guest star to be announced for the hit show, which recently signed Hilary Duff for a multi-episode role as a college student.

Looks like Tyra is striving to annoy peeps on as many CW programs as possible. Here's hoping this part is a one-take roll with her barely visible in the background.

Are you excited for Tyra Banks on Gossip Girl?


hola tyra soy de republica domonicaca tengo 16 aƱos y mi deseo es ser la super modelo americana .te admiro tyra


can u send me a pic of u Tyra


It's my biggest to dream to do runway show with yu tyra..god bless


Hey tyra, i reali luv u, take care!


hello tyra im your fun in the philipin


I am pierrette and hope ro be like you someday.i am writing from ghana.


hey tyra just wanted to let you know that iam a biggest fan of your show, my dream is to become a model but my dream cant come true becouse im a bit fat and short in height im so ashamed of maself cause this was ma dream eva since i was a little kid could you help me pleas i beg you i reali love modeling its my passion to become one...and im in south africa great show by the way mwahs love you alot


Hay Tyra,you know you my great inspire..I just admire you thoroughly and I watch your show everytime and I want to tell you that I love you Tyra


Tyra Fangs


te vez hermosa en cualquier faceta uauuuuuuuuuuuu fashion soy idola de america next top model un beso soy colombiana buenaventura

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