Levi Johnston on Sarah Palin: Fame Went to Her Head

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Levi Johnston is certainly not passing up opportunities to cash in on Sarah Palin's fame by speaking about the Alaska governor every chance he gets.

This at least makes sense from the standpoint of him wanting to be in the news. Why she actually plays along by continuing the feud is another story.

Addressing her impending resignation as Governor of Alaska on the Today Show this morning, Levi Johnston said Sarah Palin quit to get rich, basically.

Living with the Palin family, "she was always talkin' about how [being governor] is a very stressful job," Johnston said. "After the campaign and things, we had tons of offers ... from everybody out there; just all kinds of ridiculous things."

Johnston, who knocked up Sarah's daughter Bristol Palin, said he believes Sarah earned more than the $7 million that's been reported for her Harper Collins book deal: "I've heard anything from $7 to $9 million. It's up there."

Other observations from Levi Johnston:

  • Fame "definitely got to her head."
  • He is weighing many career opportunities.
  • Sarah Palin is not being up front about why she resigned, and "there are times when she's not up front with everybody."
  • America "for the most part" has the right impression of Palin.
  • He would not vote for Sarah for president after her "quitting on Alaska."
  • He's not gonna let anyone intimidate him.

Levi says relations with the Palins were icy for awhile, but are now much better, and "everything's fine." At least that was true until this morning.

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what a pig says: right on!


Just another Skank move for Levi Johnston! Why don't you liberals put some real effort into searching for the truth and stop wasting your time on this loser! The Palin Family should be very proud that Bristol never married that sperm donor. Haven't you liberals done enough badgering of Sarah Palin? Let's see what would happen if we started to critique the Obama children and their mother in a negative way. I could almost guarantee, you would see very little coverage on that negative publicity!


Well, it looks like Levi won't have to work again in life if he handles his finances correctly. Since the economy has screwed us all he better take advantage of whatever money he can make now. Goodness knows Palin has pimped everyone out, including her family, to make as much money as she can, so why not him? There's certainly egg on the face of the GOP and Alaska.


Glad someone around pathetic Palin is finally telling the truth...he's young and should make as much money as he can off that crazy biyatch. And she thought she could be VP or president? LMFAO!

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