What The Hills?!? Holly Montag Joins Team Kristin

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Excuse Lauren Conrad if she can't stand up straight these days. The newly retired reality star is still pulling that knife out of her back.

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    why is everyone spewing hate on holly? so what if she chooses kristin over lauren. does it matter? no.


    Wow so having morals is conservative now. Holly is such a cow how can you be so disloyal for what, to stay on a damn show thats going to bomb out now anyway. I loved the hills and honestly if it was anyone else who replaced LC i might have still watched but Kristin... really. Its a slap in the face for LC.
    Holly needs to go get a life of her own and stop clinging to other people for so called fame and if your going to be a backstabber do it out right don't do the whole fake "I wish her well and love her" after you sell out a friend. NO ONE LIKES YOU HOLLY.

    Right now i hope the show bombs its not right to have a hills with no LC


    Stacie will appear on im a celebrity next, just a wannabe who wants to be on t.v, like Stephanie Pratt.


    holly your a drunk fake ass bitch your sooooo jealous of lauren because you look like a beaver


    LOL Mary - good one :)


    WOW! that's not surprising!

    I liked Holly...now...not so much!

    Team LC

    p.s. the hills is going to suck next season with Jayde & Brody dating still & Heidi & Spencer married NOW the bar keep & Frankie...GAH wtf is there to watch? kristen and Audrina fight over fugly justin bobby??

    sounds like a ton of ratings!!!!! SIKE

    wtf mtv.

    however, im happy for lauren!!


    Holly, your comment does not surprise me you are so like your fake sister, you know the one who threw you out

    Your a back stabber just like Heidi, gee you and Heidi should go see an ortodontist, maybe they can fix those beaver teeth for you


    i cant believe holly. she is so fake just like her sister, the show is going to bomb now that lauren is going to be here it will be like a jerry springer if i were lo,audrina,brody i would get off the show and leave it to heidi,spencer and kristin to make fools of themselves. the show will def loose watcher and if not they only want to see what dumb things kristin will do. holly you are not anyone so dont talk about lauren she is the only person on the hills that even made u because holly dissed u for her man remember....


    I'm not surprised - she is after all Heidi's sister!!!! That family has NO loyalty. Shame on you Holly after your sister and spencer threw you out, and Lauren had your back 100% letting you stay with her - who were you before you appeared on The Hills - NO ONE (same applies to Stacie who has just passed from Spencer to Frankie - enough said) :(

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