Octomom Slapped with Child Labor Lawsuit

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Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. Octomom, is being sued. That's not surprising. Nor is it shocking that mega-mouthpiece lawyer Gloria Allred is representing them.

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    hi plz send me the pix of the child coming out of vagina..


    Get that biatch Gloria Allred........out of there , cant stand her .Octo Mom should have her own reality show ....
    instead of those 2 pukes with 8 kids ....
    Yes i would pay to see those Nadya`s beautiful children...all of them .....Gloria would sure like to get her hands on those kids ..Biatch..yes i say it again BIATCH Gloria


    I was going to comment on this but "Kids atrisk" said it all.


    STOP BASHING GLORIA~ She's done MORE for women/kids issues than ANY lawyer (PRO bono/free). THERE IS no money to be made FROM THIS CASE. Allred is already RICH beyond measure; does NOT need publicity ==and is ONLY USING the media to BROADCAST the danger all 14 OF THOSE kids are in. OCTO=pig is a leach on society; as is her scum s u c k i n g DIRT b a g who got his law degree in a c r a c k e r jacks B O X. Anybody NOT familiar w/harsh TV LITES (probing, glaring down at you, unbearably BRIGHT, HOT, GERM-filled, NOISE, intrusion). IMAGINE that if you are a NEWBORN (Or an EXPLOITED 3 to 7 yr old)? The babies & the other six are BLASTED by high-intensity HOT LITES for hours BECAUSE Nadya is NOTHING w/o those kids in the frames. A ZERO as a human being, brood mare, etc


    Nadya Suleman's attorney, Jeff Czech, calls the octuplets "incidental" to her ability to attain income from media and entertainment.
    INCIDENTAL? Just like OCTO-pig, her lawyer lies like a rug! Imagine NADYA without the 8 babies ... think ANYONE who give a rat's PATOOT about ANYTHING she said or did? HER SOLE "marketability" (such as it is) IS TOTALLY BASED on those 8 BABIES. Period, end of story.
    THIS ambulance=chaser Czech has as much integrity as Suleman (ie: NONE).


    "Jeff Czech, calls the octuplets "incidental" to her ability to attain income from media and entertainment."

    LOL where did Czech get his law degree? Online? The octuplets are the ENTIRE reason for her "ability" to attain income from the media and entertainment. Without the babies, there would be no media focus on her.


    "Jeff Czech, calls the octuplets "incidental" to her ability to attain income from media and entertainment."

    With, or without her 'pole', no one would pay her any attention, or money.

    These children are being exploited. Thank you Ms Alred and Mr Peterson

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