Katy Perry Loves Her Curves, Hates Random Sex

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Katy Perry is pretty much synonymous with sex appeal.

Yet in a revealing new interview with Complex magazine, the "I Kissed a Girl" singer says she's not entirely comfortable in the role of pinup girl.

"I didn't know how to use my curves growing up. I was a little boxier," Katy confesses. "But now I understand that I have that curvy thing ... I'm not like Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian, but it's there. That hourglass is in there someways."

The pop star says her pinup body helped snare her beau, Gym Glass Heroes front man Travis McCoy: "I'm probably going to get in trouble for saying this, but he said he was never a boob guy - he was always a butt guy - until he met me."

TMI, Katy, but thanks for sharing.

Hot and Cold

Katy Perry also says she's less promiscuous than her party-girl persona.

"For me, it's not a pastime, going out and meeting people and trying to hook up with people," the 24-year-old says. "That actually makes me feel disgusting."

"From a really early age, I was always really sensitive to that. Getting your flirt on is the best thing in the world," admits the singer. "But when it comes to sharing bodily fluids with a person I don't know - then no thank you."

Words to live by. Click to enlarge Complex's Katy Perry pictures ...

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shes not even hot idk how anyone is attracted to her.


Need to put my wand between her melons.


Irresistibly naughty. And could clean up if she desires to the most amazing girl-next-door type. Her breasts are delicious.


She is smokin' hot. Absolutely gorgeous.


Oh get over it, you two.....jealous much?? Stfu already. Funny how quick you are to chastise when you're hiding your fat ass behind a keyboard.


she is a fu$*ing skank




What curves? What butt? She has a good figure but I wouldn't call her curvy. And if she doesn't want to be a pin up girl why is she posing like one?


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