Kate Gosselin "Horrified" by Cheating Rumors

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When Jon Gosselin was accused of cheating on his wife, the reality star issued a simple, relatively calm statement that denied all charges.

The same can't be said for Kate Gosselin.

A day after reports linked her to her bodyguard and/or personal trainer, the mother of eight went off on paparazzi and irresponsible gossip tabloids everywhere.

"The next story coming out from the animals that stalk us is about our security person and his family," Kate told People. "Already the allegations they're making about me are disgusting, unthinkable, unfathomable, and I am horrified."

Referring to Steve Neild, the couple's bodyguard, and his family, Gosselin added:

"These are people who absolutely love us and want to see us through to the end. Of course, both of them travel with us at times, and we've spent holidays together, because, in this situation, your circle grows smaller and smaller, and it's very natural to become friends with your manager, your publicist, your security team ... they're the only people you have left. And now they're coming under fire."

Overall, Kate says she has no idea how to stop the supposedly erroneous reporting.

"The scary thing for me is [the tabloids] are going to take information and create a story. It's a matter of, 'When will they stop?' They're going to keep going, and they'll make up stuff to connect the dots."


Amen Smart!!! People that can be so nasty when you really don't know what is going on behind closed doors should really shut up. This is something that is personal!! Kate nor Jon went out looking for drama, they were the ones that were approached. Kate works very hard raising 8 kids and her husband works hard to put a roof over all their heads. I would love to hear from someone that can actually say they are doing that.
KJR you should jump off a bridge!
Jennison you need to get your facts together!
Beth once again facts would be nice, remember it does cost money with 8 children to put in a daycare!!
Alana "hillbillies" it seems to me that you are lacking education since Kate was a nurse and husband is in computers!


check this out then http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... xx


What the hell are wrong with you people? Raising eight kids is so hard, And Kate is blessed enough to have people suport her. She lives in a 1.3 million dollar house, money she made from having such a sucessful show, so she is more famous that you idiots know. Open your eyes.If your not that interested in her why the hell are you looking her up on the internet.


"...and they want to see us through to the end." PLEASE! Let this be the end! These two uneducated self-absorbed ignorant hillbilies have overstayed their 15 seconds of "fame." Take, you'll NEVER be a "celebrity", you'll never be "famous". The most you can even hope for after the permanent damage you've done to your children while riding their backs for money, is to be known as that "infamous" child exploiter who abused fertility drugs as a means to "never have to work again." Nothing more, EVER! Our show is our LIE
And our LIE is our show.


..they "want to see you through to the end" ? I think it is the end. Get a clue and get over yourself. It's laughable that you think you need a bodyguard.


Yes,,,,connecting the dots is what they are doing Kate! Too bad you didn't jump to your husband's defense as quickly as you did your Bodyguard. Why do you need a bodyguard anyway Kate...such an inflated ego. Get a job and support your kids like a real parent instead of looking for handouts...maybe sell your 1.3 million dollar house, your hummer or the many other cars and toys your kids have paid for! I'm sure getting a regular job is beneath you now isn't it?


How pathetic! Grow up and be a mother instead of a star crazy, wannabe celebrity. Go home and take care of your 8 kids, and act like every other parent in America-do it without the attention and profit. No one feels sorry for you, because your doing this solely for profit and the fame.


Man--quite the reaction kate--well yeah if you only have like 3 paid friends left....understandable. BTW, what happened to the others who "loved you" :Beth Carson, Aunt Jodi. Could use a few freinds right abouat now huh kate?
Karma is a bitch!
Don't know how to stop this? HA! Everyone else does
Go HOME, and kick the cameras out-Apologize to Jon and hug your kids. that would be a good place to start!


Hey, Kate, if you hate the animals that stalk you, quit giving them reason to. Those crazy fans can be dangerous


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