Report: Kate Gosselin is Also a Cheater

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Seriously, who would have guessed that the most sordid, convoluted story about adultery these days would be swirling around the parents of eight children?

Following a week that spotlighted Jon Gosselin's alleged cheating ways, Star Magazine says it's discovered the reason why one half of the couple in the title for Jon & Kate Plus 8 had an affair with Deanna Hummel:

Because his wife cheated on him first!

"I heard Kate was getting way too close with her personal trainer, so Jon started cheating," Trisha Berlin, a fellow Pennsylvania resident, told Star, adding that Kate has also being linked to her hunky bodyguard, known as "Mr. Gray" to bloggers and pictured here.

Another source told the tabloid that "Jon goes out to meet other women because Kate has given him the cold shoulder," which is evident to anyone that watches their reality show.

Last week, Kate addressed the scandal during an interview on the Today show, stating: "We just need to weather this storm, just like all the other storms that we've been through."

Hmm... might she have been referring to her own disloyal ways? Discuss!

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I hope the state takes those kids. She's a nurse & didn't know she could have a litter of humans? Crap, she's a self centered b****. Run Jon!!! Sign your rights away. Let the whore raise them on her own. Nurse my a**.


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HE IS A JOKE OF A MAN. Every time she opens her mouth, he rolls his eyes like a 13 year old kid. He's immature and selfish. Everything is about Jon. He is impatient and short with the children and sometimes acts like he wishes they weren't there at all. Kate is a strong woman who needs a stronger man to stand beside her, encourage her, compliment her, not roll his eyes behind her back. Yeah, she's a little over the top sometimes, but good god, she's raising 9 children. GIVE HER A BReAK!! God Bless you Kate, I think you are Great!!


I wasnt too suprised to hear that Jon had cheated. Not that I agree whatsoever that it is OK, I do believe that you keep disrespecting your husband and humiliate him in public like she does, just treating him like he is the BIGGEST POS out there.. He or anyone for that matter will find comfort and respect in the arms of some stranger. As sad as that may be anyone no matter who it is can only take so much bashing and belittling as Kate does to Jon. Dont get me wrong I watch the show and enjoy it alot, its just sometimes I have shuttered and been SOOO embarrased for him the way I have seen her treat him.. So it does it really suprise anyone about these rumors?? Not me I have said for quit awhile they wouldnt last, he would eventually get sick of it and find someone that didnt treat him like he is a joke of a man..


Hello ........ Is there anybody home!!!!!!!! What are they thinking about? The grass is not greener and just because it satifies there physical needs, FAMILY, FAMILY, FAMILY you have is more important than ANYTHING ......... The Lord has given you a GREAT blessing. Don't RUIN that BLESSING !!!!!!!
Seek His wisdom regarding the future and make the right decision.


To previous poster, i find Jon and Kate plus Eight a fun, and refreshing show and you come across as a very jealous and angry person. I feel very sorry for you. Instead of rejoicing as a christion should in Kate's good fortune you hate her for it? You resent the fact that her chidren were all healthy and the Bailey's were not as fortunate? You scare me. You probably terrify Kate. She is going through enough, leave her alone.


Who cares? Kate is pure trash.


Yes, we all knew she was a cheating whore. I'm surprised she's on the verge of getting caught. Is that why Mr. Grey (Steve Neild) has been recently been replaced by a different set of body guards? Or is Kate unable to be satisfied? I'd vote the latter.

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