Friends of Jon Gosselin: Cut Him Some Slack!

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Jon Gosselin stands accused of cheating on his grating wife, Kate.

But that's not the case says Pat Fagan, a man that ought to know pretty well: he was the bouncer at Legends Lounge during the night when Jon was spotted with another woman.

Back in Hawaii

"They seemed like casual friends," Fagan told People. "There was no romantic anything. They weren't gazing into each other eyes."

Jon Gosselin has eight adorable reasons - and one annoying reason - to need a break once and awhile.

Then there's this testimony from Dustin Sands, a family friend that has known Gosselin for nearly two decades. He says that his pal just needs the occasional downtime from raising eight kids, while also having his every move chronicled on TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8.

"The guy just needs to be cut some slack once in while when he wants to relax a bit," said Sands.

On Wednesday, Gosselin apologized for showing poor judgment, insisting that staying out so late may have been disrespectful to his family, but that he's a loyal, dedicated husband and father.


People need to stop bashing on Kate.
If you had 8 kids you would sometimes be rude and naqqinq too.
Also you guys do not know what happens behind closed doors.
Furthermore, 8 kids && a husband who helps but not entirely always does or want to would make anyone like that. And this is the SECOND time he is accussed of cheating!, well of course she going to be rude and furious. You try having paparazzi's following you and writing crap about you.
Shes a mother of 8 cut HER some slack. put yourself in her shoes. He always out and about why do you think she might seem to be such a bitch to him and have him on lock at times. Well because he acts like a child and does this sort of stuff. Trust me, if you guys only knew what happens behind closed doors


Exactly, Barb, I've often thought that Jon is a saint to put up with her AND her artificially enhanced fertility bonanza.
She really comes off like a witch and a half when she has it quite good and he seems like a loyal little pup getting booted around. He goes out of his way to be a contributing father. But, it's so out of balance and a poor example of love for the kids. She really is disrespectful toward him. Why do the best good men always go for these *itches?? (My kindly, well-paid brother has one of these wives, too! Ick.)


Jon thinks he's a loyal and dedicated husband and father, LMAO! He was out boozing it up with some skank. Yep he's loyal and dedicated alright, NOT! When 2 people are married or in a relationship they should NOT be hanging out or associating with single members of the opposite sex as it's cheating. If I was Kate I would have already been at my lawyer's office getting the divorce wheels in motion. There is NO excuse for cheating yet his friends are going on about how fame is difficult for him, he has so many kids. What a cop out! If he's having problems (which clearly he is because he's a cheater), see a shrink don't degrade your wife and family. Kate deserves a medal, she's keeping the family going, working, and managing a household while Jon sits on his ass and runs around with sluts.


Give this family a break people! Yes Kate can be a bit much at times however you need to look at what you might be like taking care of 8 children under 10.
In ALL fairness Kate is who keeps that home running and she runs a tight ship - Ask yourself how well you would be able to get her job done?? There is a price to pay when you put yourself on TV for the world to see which should have been a consideration before they decided to take this show on. I will say I don't believe Jon is into having these cameras apart of his everyday life like Kate is and she should respect that alot more the she seems to be doing.
However they now more then likely NEED the money which is the sad part. The show definitely isn’t what it was when it started!


The bouncer screwed up Jon's lie!! Pat Fagan, a bouncer at Legends Lounge, calls Jon's recent night away from home completely innocent – even though he did show up with a woman who was not his wife.
SO Jon showed up with Nicole???


I don't blame him one bit for blowing off some steam. I would too if I was married to the shrew of a wife he has. She's not a nice person! She's got a lot of problems, how he lives with her amazes me. She constantly picks on, nags, berates, embarrasses and criticizes Jon. She's lucky he's still there. Listen people, stop the TV show and go to work to support your kids, you're NOT movie stars. (Kate thinks she's one). So you'll have to go without, you can't have it all. There's a BIG price to pay for fame.


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