Kristen Dalton: What About Me!?

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Sunday night, Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton was crowned 2009's Miss USA at the famed Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Yet it's runner-up Carrie Prejean who's getting all the headlines after her answer to a question by Perez Hilton about her gay marriage stance, which resulted in massive controversy and (she believes) may have cost her the crown.

She passed God's test, though. At least in her mind.

Anyway, go ahead and skewer or defend Carrie Prejean all you want, but don't take anything away from Kristen Dalton. She won it fair and square. Don't overlook the national treasure who actually is Miss USA! Here's a little bit about her ...

The state's second winner of the coveted beauty queen crown after 2005 champ Chelsea Cooley, Dalton won both the swimsuit and evening gown competitions during the finals on her way to being named Miss USA at the end of the night.

The oldest of four children, the 22-year-old Kristen Dalton is currently an Honors student majoring in Psychology and Spanish at East Carolina University. She is a financially independent student by choice, working numerous jobs while at ECU.

Her glamourous turn in Las Vegas will not change this hometown girl, who prefers to lounge around in jeans with a zippered jacket, and who stays active in her church.

She aspires to be a motivational speaker and run her own charity.

Take that, Carrie Prejean. Click to enlarge lots more Kristen Dalton photos below and it will be plain to see why Miss USA 2009 is the winner in our book:


I think Kristen would have done just fine with that question.
Carrie is nothing more than sore loser.
Read above article. It states; Dalton won both the swimsuit and evening gown competitions during the finals on her way to being named Miss USA at the end of the night.


I think the obvious needs to be saide: Kristen Dalton was very lucky she wasn't tossed the same-sex marriage question.


a couple of points: 1. kristen seems very nice and normal from the write-up here.
2. lilli is a f--king moron. thank you. ~~~frank


Based on your logic, "Lilli," can atheists not get married?


Had the US,State, County, & City governments adhered to the U.S. Constitution regarding "NO LAWS SHALL BE MADE REGARDING RELIGION" We would not have a problem today about Gay Marriages. Marriage is a RELIGIOUS CEREMONY. As scuh the government should not license, perform, divorce, lesgislate.
Only religions have that right, whether they're Homosexual or not


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