Carrie Prejean: I Passed God's Test!

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Carrie Prejean has played the God card.

The Miss USA contestant - who has been all over the news for telling judge Perez Hilton that she believes marriage ought to be reserved for a man and woman - sat down with Fox News this week and actually said the ordeal is simply a test from God.

Carrie Prejean at the Mic

Right. She's a regular Jonah.

Here are a few excerpts from the fair and balanced interview:

On how she's feeling: Happy. This happened for a reason. By having to answer that question in front of a national audience, God was testing my character and faith. I'm glad I stayed true to myself.

On the question about gay marriage:  I knew he was controversial, and so was the question. Out of all the topics I studied up on, I dreaded that one, I prayed I would not be asked about gay marriage. If I had any other question, I know I would have won.

On her response: I have no regrets about answering honestly. [Perez Hilton] asked me for my opinion and I gave it to him. I have nothing against gay people, and I didn't mean to offend anyone in my answer.

On her post-pageant activity: I ate my first hamburger in a long time!

So, to recap: Carrie Prejean took part in a beauty pageant, in order to be asked a question about gay marriage, to which she responded by denying homosexuals basic human rights, which simply proved her faith to God, but doesn't mean she has anything against gay people. And her reward, after starving herself for months, was a hamburger.

Everyone got it?


I appears that the "rights" of glbt, et al, will be here long after I am deceased. What I strive for is a faith based discussion
and not polemics. We never get there. Those who fail, in the Christian community, to bring out the problems with Holy Scripture, Christian Tradion, and Contemporary Reasoning, in support of same-sex marriage and allowing non-celibates to be ordained and serve in non-glbt faith communities, do us a great disservice to those of us who are opposed but listening. Merely
arguing that "practice procedes legislation" is not going to be
successful. I predict parallel congregations, one glbt and another "straight".


Go Carrie!!! I'm proud of you for not giving into the status quo. Stand for what you believe. Why are so many people bashing her for what she believes in? What, she has no right to believe that way because it goes against other people’s beliefs. Marriage should stay between a man and women. Why is so important for homosexual community to have the “union of marriage�, when there is already “DOMESTIC PARNTERSHIP� in place that gives them all the same rights as married couples. In fact, domestic parntership gives them more rights in California than a heterosexual couple has that’s been together for 10 years and is not married. If “Marriage� is just a word, why is it so important to the homosexual community?


I completely support her comment simply because she answered the question honestly and did not give in to what that judge wanted to hear. He was offended by what she said and had NO hesitation about offending those who might disagree with him. Where is his tolerance?
Carrie Prejean is the kind of woman that I would proud to see my son with...Thank you for the opportunity to supppoet her.


Ms California,
The title miss usa is not a worthy title for you. The spiral decline of morals in the usa (homosexuality= moral decline)...
Your Daddy is promoting you to the title of Miss UNIVERSE!!!
Integrity is a Character without comprimise! Go Girl


Carrie. It is people like you that give a voice to those who truly believe that something is awry about the issue of marriage and homosexuality. Many cannot express themselves gracefully so they just talk by the wayside because they fear being targeted by individuals that are well versed in the art of debate. I can only begin to imagine the weight put upon you by the people who would just assume destroy you. Believe me you have more than an army before you. Even the evolutionists cannot deny that man can only continue as a specie through woman-a truth that cannot be denied. Marriage is the symbol of this truth.


Carrie is tolerant of different views. Perez and the rest of the far left are not tolerant of anyone who doesn't agree with them. This is about trying to destroy marriage. Not about equal rights. Marriage has been this way for 6000 years of recorded history. If people want a union outside of how God designed it, they need a different union. They don't need to change marriage.






Carrie Prejan is a breath of fresh pageants, media, glamour, hollywood watever....i don't care wot anyones views are but i respect her for her straightforwardness and not moronic dumb answers that u for hilton he shld not be allwed to marry anyone not coz he's gay but coz he's demented:


This country is drifting so from its founding. When James Madison first wordsmithed the 1st Amendment, it said "The civil rights of none shall be abridged on account of religious belief or worship, nor shall any national religion be established, nor shall the full and equal rights of conscience be in any manner, or on any pretext, infringed." In an effort to make the Constitution a "living a breathing document" the US Supreme Court is transforming it from the beautiful Lady Liberty into the putrid Frankenstein monster. I thank God that Carrie Prejean stood up for timeless truths of God and not Sodom and Gomorrah political correctness.


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I think it's great that Americans are able to choose one or the other. We live in a land that you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage and, you know what, in my country and my family I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anyone out there but that's how I was raised and that's how I think it should be between a man and a woman.

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Marriage is good. There is something special about unions of husband and wife. Unless we bring men and women together, children will not have mothers and fathers.

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