Britney Spears Wardrobe Malfunction of the Day

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THG NOTE: This one isn't pretty.

The rumors that some dude got Britney Spears pregnant were already refuted by her camp, but in case you weren't sure, well, this clears it up beyond a doubt.

And not in a pleasant way.

Perhaps when the singer proclaimed that her p*ssy was hanging out at one of her recent shows, we should have been grateful it wasn't ... something else.

We knew Britney, who has battled addiction, depression and various hangers-on to return to stardom, was going through a vicious cycle, but not like this.

Wonder if this is the first time Chase Benz - the backup dancer seen here, and Brit's reported boy toy - has ever run into this roadblock before ...

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I've recently watched Britney Spears Sex Tape!
You can find it here: Britney Spears Sex Tape (full version)

Ain't it the hottest thing?
Good luck!


Hey, Loyd and toyferBritney, you guys don't know what you're missing! I've got a pair of her used panties, and they're everything you could possibly imagine! They're nice and soft, and smell beautiful! They're not blood-stained though, so, Kirk, I'm not sure they're right for you, but I've gotten many hours of enjoyment from them! Luv you Britney!


There's nothing wrong with a beautiful woman like Britney showing a little "pon". If she feels it's necessary, I'll go up and adjust it for her. (My tongue's not doing anything important at the moment!) Let me know, Britney, I'll be thinking about it long and hard!


Yes, Loyd , you leave her panties alone- I've got dibs on them!


loyd: you are one sad, creepy person.


can i have your worn panties britney spears


Her momma should have spanked her more when she was young. Then maybe whe would not be such a slut, whore, pig and a bad influence on our younger generation. She is in the same boat as Hanna Montana.


its not on her jacket the string is on her leg ...


guys leave the poor girl alone and let her be just mind ur own business


How the hell is a tapon going to fly outside of her stockings, then her shorts/panties to dangle off of her jacket???? Come on folks.