Tonya Harding: Insane, Hating on Barack Obama

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Former figure skating champ Tonya Harding is angry and indignant that Barack Obama would name-drop her as a punchline during last year's presidential campaign.

Note to Tonya: He's far from the first, sweetie.

For those unfamiliar with her, Harding won the 1991 and 1994 U.S. Figure Skating titles, but was arrested after her ex-husband Jeff Gillooly conspired to attack rival Nancy Kerrigan at a practice session before the '94 Olympic trials.

She later went on to a classy career of leaking sex tapes with Gillooly, drinking heavily and getting arrested a lot, with a brief stint in professional boxing thrown in. Pics of her may also appear in the dictionary under "trailer trash."

Anyway, that brings us to today.

Harding says she is pissed at the President of the United States after he "used her" (referencing the above incident) while seeking the White House last year. The Fox interviewer sums it up best when he responds: "You are a piece of work" ...

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Barack Obama is a person that doesn't care about anyone but his self. Obama is a lier, cheater, and bad person all a round. (Sara)(march 6th,2009 3:18am) needs to marry that muslim,president of the United States. Everyone hates the president, you dumb ass OBAMA LOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tanya did not "knnecap" Nancy..........her husband hired a jerk to do that and there has never been any reason to believe that Tanya knew anything about it untill after the incident. ,was a much better skater as far as technical jumps. Tanya had a much harder life than Nancy.


If all publicity, even bad publicity, is good publicity, then what the hell is this bitch yelling about?! She should watch who she makes enemies with - what a stupid woman to be bad mouthing the president of the United States! A true dumb ass. And, she totally tripped Nancy Kerrigan, so President Obama was speaking FACT! Watch who you trip next time, bitch, and President Obama won't mention your name!