Jesse Csincsak & Holly Durst: Bachelor Rebound Love

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Jesse Csincsak shocked the world when he somehow bested Jason Mesnick to win the heart of DeAnna Pappas on last year's season finale of The Bachelorette.

She dumped him a few months later after she sold out and went Hollywood. Jason Mesnick went on to star on The Bachelor and garner mammoth ratings.

Well, Jesse Csincsak is getting the last laugh as well, showing DeAnna he's moved on by cozying up to former Bachelor castoff Holly Durst! Check it out ...

Holly Durst and Jesse Csincsak

MMM: Nothing says hot new romance like eating hot dogs together.

The new couple began dating recently, finding comfort in each other after their respective reality TV rejections (Durst was nixed by that ass bag Matt Grant).

Rebound relationships rarely last, but they do seem very into each other. Click to enlarge more photos of Jesse Csincsak and Holly Durst on a date below ...

Jesse Csincsak and Holly Durst
Mmm... Hot Dogs
Jesse Csincsak, Holly Durst Picture
Holly Durst, Jesse Csincsak Picture
Jesse Csincsak, Holly Durst Photo
Jesse Csincsak, Holly Durst
Holly Durst, Jesse Csincsak

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I can't believe how immature some people are. To the person who posted the comment above, you sound pretty shallow if you are judging a person by their looks. Like many, many others, I personally find Jesse attractive, but what's even more attractive is his great personality. One day, when you grow up, you will discover that it matters more what's on the inside than on the outside. I for one didn't find Graham the least bit attractive, but it's wasn't the looks so much as his arrogance on tv that didn't impress me, or DeAnna obviously. Jesse, don't change, stay as real as you are.


Jesse has a history of being a liar and a cheater. Just like he went on to the show with a girlfriend and strung her along until by some miracle Deanna picked him once the guy she was truly into (Graham) left the show. I feel sorry for Holly who has to sleep with gross looking Jesse for some extra seconds on her 15 minutes of fame. He's not even good looking to make up for his flagrant shortcomings. Jesse is the one who is desperate for fame, except he doesn't realize that in order to make it in the biz you need at least a modicum of good looks and talent, which Jesse clearly lacks. LOL


We love keeping tabs on your website to see what you are doing. Love the pictures. Can't wait to see you with John Walsh. Nice thing you do to help them out for the Bradley family.


DeAnna is a hussy and she was only in it for the fame. She was soooooooooooo fake on the show and acts all tough but shes a loser


I would love to see Jesse on TV again - I hope he does go Hollywood - he is himself and is refreshing. Go Jesse!!!!!


Definitely a cute couple - keep rockin, Jesse, you're awesome.


Sounds like some sour grapes - jealous people on here. Jesse - you rock - we love you.




I was once told this... Dont worry when people talk about you... Worry when they stop talking about you... So I guess BRING ON THE HATERS ! THANKS TO ALL MY SUPPORTERS & NON SUPPORTERS JESSE


To all those who have written nasty things on here about Jesse, "Grow up!!" what are you in, like high school? How would you like it if you read nasty ass things written about your brother, son or a friend? Not cool!! Jesse is human and he has feelings like everyone else. Sounds to me like alot of jealousy and sour grapes ... get over it ... choose LOVE not HATE. Jesse ROCKS!!

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Jesse Csincsak Biography

Jesse Csincsak and Deanna Pappas Picture
Jesse Csincsak is a professional snowboarder and the winner of DeAnna Pappas' heart on the fourth season of The Bachelorette. We have no... More »
Cleveland, Ohio
Full Name
Jesse Csincsak

Jesse Csincsak Quotes

I'm so confident, I know she's the one.

Jesse Csincsak [on Deanna Pappas]

"Man, this Tacori diamond ring is so beautiful. It symbolizes forever... hopefully, for DeAnna and I." - on picking out an engagement ring for DeAnna Pappas and earning a spot in the product placement Hall of Fame

Jesse Csincsak