Bristol Palin Photos: Guns, Booze and Girl-on-Girl Action

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New pictures of Sarah Palin's pregnant daughter, 17-year-old Bristol Palin, have emerged, and it looks like this girl is one who hows to have a blast ...

Sometimes literally! Whether she's playing with firearms or posing with baby daddy Levi Johnston and other pals, Bristol's life is a non-stop party.

Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston

At heart, the Republican V.P. nominee's daughter is your typical All-American girl: hunting, pregnant and drinking underage (presumably not all at the same time).

Think you can pack heat in the Vice President's residence? We just might find out come January. Click to enlarge the Bristol Palin pictures below!

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston

UPDATE: It has come to our attention that some or all of these pictures may be of Mercedes Johnston, Levi's sister, and not Bristol Palin. Our staff apologizes for any errors, but still encourage your comments on these amusing photos below.

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Yeah that is NOT Bristol Palin, yall need to make sure you have the CORRECT info next time and CORRECT photos before you make your selves look like idiots.


good thing thats actually Levi's sister and not Bristol Palin.. jesus you people would do anything.


Yeah that's not bristol.


Perfect work!


Sara have Bristol repent her sins. Repent sinners, repent!
Fire and brim stone await those that do not repent their sins. Don't doom your daughter to the fires of hell, have her repent! Sara, even as you speak in tongs, you know Bristol must repent or be doomed!


Good selling bullshi* media I would say LOL!!! Floating around in emails over here in Iraq. A smart person can read between the lines and realize that yes almost all these pictures are of Levi's sister's and his new nephew, Hunter. Easily figured out by doing searches on Myspace. Plus if you try to hit up Bristol's page she has not been on in like a year and has no pictures. Which explains the Photo shopping and false identification.


well that is what you get when you have a close person in the lime light darlin. A part of the light. I think God has that plan for them Right. Just like she said God has the plan for us to go to war right. Just like god has a plan for her to run fopr VP. Just like god has a plan for her Child to have a child right.


I noticed my post was deleted by the page owner. Just like Bill O'reilly, cutting off the voice of anyone he disagrees with. Just like the protesters outside the GOP convention, trying to silence the voices they disagree with. Might as well pile the books up and burn them on this site.


ok now all this is going on at The house and there mom is going to be VP !!!!!


These can't be photos of Bristol PORKlin she has her CLOTHES ON & SHE's NOT ON HER KNEES!!!!