Miley Cyrus and Adam Sevani Ride Bikes, Possibly Each Other

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Yesterday, we reported that Miley Cyrus and Adam Sevani might be dating.

The cause for such speculation? A bicycle ride the young stars took together through Hollywood last week.

Young Lovers

We can't prove the couple is going steady as a result of said outing. But we can prove it took place!

Check out the supposed love birds below, riding bikes, pumping their legs and possibly thinking about pumping each other later that night:

Miley Cyrus and Adam Sevani might be dating - but they are definitely riding dangerously. Put on a helmet, guys!


its so unfair that i might never meet him south african girls are the bbbbeeessssttt


you foools!, it's not your business if they're dating or not,,don't mind them,,besides they look cute together,,you ugly girls!your just jealous because adam dont know even your names!!you dreaming uglies!!!
miley is so cool ..and she's friendly!!..think twice before you judge!!..


gosh this is photoshoped.i'm almost sure about it:|


Hehehe... Adam will be mine!!!!!!!! Besides Miley is dating that other guy


I LOVE Adam Sevani with all my heart! They are not dating!!!! Adam is way 2 good 4 her!!!!!

@ moose4eva

how could adam date mily sssssissss


I LOVE Adam Sevani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He deserves better than someone like Miley!;)


I have one thing to say..........he well be saved but not by her u just wait btw I don't hate ether


Im not a miey fan or anything, BUT she can be friends or date anyone she likes, its not even confirmed yet if she is dating adam sevani or not. Adamm is cutee, seen him is step up2 and step 3


miley cyrus has got wrong habbits! But that cute boy is innocent


unlike. :(

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