An Audrina Patridge Crotch Shot

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Take comfort, Britney Spears.

You may be nuttier than a Baby Ruth bar, but you're still a role model to millions of young women around the country.

The Hills Gang

Here's proof: Audrina Patridge gave entertainment news reporters a nice shot of her Britney earlier this week, exiting a vehicle without any of that constraining underwear slowing her down.

Forget The Hills. Check out this valley!

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That sir is underwear, a darker shade of underwear then her dress, but still underwear. And I agree with Manny. It probably is hard to move when people are taking photographs of you especially wearing a dress like that. Lay off.


leave her alone- britney was really her britney. How hard must it be to move when u have photographers taking 1 shot after an other. Im sure she wasnt sat there that long an it would of been a split second... Give the girl a break!


she's wearing underwear. It looks grey.


Am I missing something here? Looks like panties to me.


Why On Earth Do Women Do This?
It's So Demoralising!
I Bet It's Audrinas' Attempt To Get The Spot Like On Her, As The LC & Heidi Fued Always Takes The Full Frontal.... Now It's Clearly Audrinas' Turn To Give Her Full Frotnal...